WeDerm | 立即加入香港首個濕疹訓練營 走出濕疹的陰霾!

WeDerm | 立即加入香港首個濕疹訓練營 走出濕疹的陰霾!

iDendron Seed Programme Startup, WeDerm is offering a pro-bono 3-month Eczema Bootcamp designed to help moderate to severe eczema patients get rid of the disease. This is Hong Kong’s first integrated care practice for eczema, and they have successful recovery cases worldwide. 


爲了針對濕疹的根源,iDendron支援的初創項目、香港首家濕疹整合治療機構WeDerm 推出香港首個為期3個月的濕疹訓練營。這個全方位的濕疹訓練營得了到多個成功案例驗證,亦獲得2020年香港社會企業挑戰賽的認同。WeDerm的團隊包括了醫學、藥劑學、心理學和營養學各方面的專家,確保他們的知識專業、有根據,並且能與時並進。


  • 無須再浪費時間、金錢嘗試無效的治療和產品
  • 不再被濕疹的傷口無止境地困擾
  • 重獲自信心和該有的生活質素


Apply Now 立即行動 (Availability: 18 ;僅限18位:先到先得)

為慶祝企劃的誕生,9月份至11月份的濕疹訓練營將不收費(價值HKD 3500)。(下一期:2021年1月)Free of Charge (only applicable for the bootcamp from Sept to Nov; worth HKD 3500) 

Application Details 報名詳情:請連同報名人中文姓名及聯絡電話(能作Whatsapp用途)回覆 以作跟進。

Application Deadline 截止報名時間:8月21日(星期五)18:00 HKT

About WeDerm

WeDerm is an award-winning social enterprise established in 2020, dedicated to serving moderate to severe eczema patients in Hong Kong. Their integrated care approach is designed to address the medical gap for eczema treatment, based on the latest healthcare literature, professional advisors, and first-hand patient experience and successful case studies. 


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