Apart from the entrepreneurial support by iDendron, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) manages intellectual property rights belonging to the University and assists inventors to achieve academic recognition and financial rewards via protection and commercialisation of the invented technologies.

About TTO

The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Asia’s Global University, is committed to nurture a research culture that values excellence and impact through interdisciplinarity, internationalization and innovation.  One of our key aims is to bring our research results to the wider world through technology transfer, so they can be used for public benefit. Around 1,500 patent applications related to discoveries at HKU have been filed in recent years.  Our deep ties with industry have become a springboard for new research projects, broader educational opportunities, and collaborative investments.

Start-ups based on HKU research results are considered as HKU spin-offs. TTO manages entrepreneurship funding TSSSU award scheme and assists HKU spin-offs in meeting investors, consultants and entrepreneurs who can help plan and found the company

The Intellectual Property Rights Policy ("Policy") sets out the University’s policy on Intellectual Property Rights for works produced at the University by Staff, Students and Visitors of the University. It is important for Staff, Students and Visitors to understand their rights as well as how to protect such rights in order to avoid potential disputes when engaging in research and writing.


Staff, Students and Visitors during their course of study, employment, engagement or appointment generate original work. Staff, Students and Visitors, as creators of intellectual property, together with the University, have rights in respect of the fruit of their intellectual endeavours and work. These Intellectual Property Rights are protected under the laws of Hong Kong.


The University believes in promoting knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing and encouraging the flow of knowledge between the University and the community for mutual benefit.  The University is a signatory to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, which recognizes that information should be made widely and readily available to society and encourages and advocates open access publication.


IPR policy regarding staff: The University usually own all IP right in works generated by Staff in the course of their employment with the University. However, the University will normally only enforce such rights under a limited set of circumstances…


IPR policy regarding students: The University may assert ownership of IP right for works generated students in the course of students. However, the University will not assert ownership of IPR in some special circumstances…


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