SEED Awardees

SEED + STEP Awardees


We aim at bringing values to the supply chain industry and logistics industry by providing accuracy and precision in predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) of container vessel through integrating open source data in our own built model for analytics and machine learning.


Algal bloom is a deteriorating global problem. Society considers it as a harmful waste, but our team sees microalgae as an opportunity to be converted into useful products. We produce natural pigments from microalgae, and aim to replace the toxic and synthetic colorants in our daily products.


With a heart to love our neighbours as ourselves, CantoGather bridges both Chinese and non-Chinese communities of Hong Kong together through language and multicultural education. We empower our non-Chinese neighbours to be the next pillars of our society by disintegrating existing barriers for learning Chinese and understanding different cultures via our programs.

With Communication comes Unity — forming a true CommUnity.


Deploifai is a no-code infrastructure as a solution for machine learning. We believe that deploying machine learning services should be very quick and easy to do, and manage. We aim to become the only MLOps service you will ever need, to manage all your machine learning projects.


DEX’s secured one-click sign-in solution puts users’ digital identities back in their own hands by providing altered personal data to companies only. Users no longer have to worry about data leakage, cross-platform profiling while enjoying the digital world to the fullest.


GamesBond, is a social networking platform that promotes the philosophy of “gaming as a lifestyle”. Our platform integrates essential gaming features commonly found in different apps into one single app that is suitable for all gamers, from casuals to hardcores.

Day Day Live 現在上演

We provide a comprehensive platform that utilises idle resources in society to connect performers, venues and audiences. We help to match performers with venues, and encourage reservations through our platform to watch the shows. The live events directory on our platform allows audiences to keep track of the latest performances.


InnoDetection Ltd. focuses on developing novel point-of-care tests for the veterinary, livestock, and food industries. Our first product will be designed for detecting ASF virus to help China’s gigantic swine industry. This platform minimizes the spread of infectious diseases by providing a sensitive, economical, and fast DNA-Based Biosensor (DBS) technology.

Invisible & Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.

Invisible Tech is a tech startup initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates, specializing in R&D, Production and Distribution of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products. We customize products to address the increasing demand for smart living, esports gaming, home entertainment and commercial application for tech-savvy consumers.


The existing social platforms don’t let people interact in the real world and encourage people to represent themselves virtually. We dive below the surface, we help you to initiate the first move by analysing your personality through dialogue and tests from our AI chatbot, after that we find you the creative activities with the right people at the right time. We cut through the noise in order to bring you the true self that shines and inspires shared experience with your tribe in the real world. That’s what makes Mochi different.


PrepRoot is building a parenting UGC platform, providing personalised monthly book subscription for children and knowledge service for parents. The company was co-founded by education experts & passionate mums from University of Hong Kong, University of Cambridge & Oxford, who believe in the life changing impact of reading.


Potta equips investors with NLP and big data to uncover investment opportunities. Our NLP-driven investment research platform leverages millions of live-streaming data, to empower retail investors to complete investment research, discover hidden links & information and transform ideas into strategies in a click – making smarter, faster, and better decisions.


RakoSell is a one-stop localised solution built for restaurants to build, manage and market their online shops within minutes. Unlike other ecommerce solutions, RakoSell caters to the complexity of F&B offerings and builds specific features for them.


Classmeta is an online learning platform that links university students together, exploring a brand new form of creator economy and allowing students to monetize their knowledge. Classmeta changes how university students connect and learn from each other.


Schotar Co. Limited is a mobile video-sharing social networking platform designed for academia. Every researcher can easily produce an accurate video synopsis of his/her work with our new video editing technology catered to scientists and share the video and collect feedback from the community.


SHARLO is an experience sharing platform, by utilizing AI deep learning technology, we can effectively pair Users and Sharers who come from similar backgrounds. Users will benefit from the past experiences of the Sharers when facing critical challenges, and obtain invaluable advice and insights from beyond their own social circle.

SNAPP Robotics

We are redefining the way we explore our oceans, all in a SNAPP.

We created a fast-swimming biomimetic robot fish that can explore the depths of the oceans, by providing unparalleled underwater mobility. SNAPP can take on any sensors; collecting data and providing insights on the underwater environment, empowering researchers and industries to leverage and create value in their operations.

With SNAPP, the underwater world will be our oyster.


StudentBase offers personalized practice, crowdsourced notes and on-demand tutors to high school students.


TalkTag is a low-cost NFC reader/writer designed for visually impaired persons (VIPs) to be used for audio reminders/identifying everyday objects. This has a wide variety of applications including assisting in the identification of sensitive personal items, especially those with similar shapes.

Develop of AR e-learning platform to enhance allied health care

A developing AR platform to help medical and allied health learners learning by doing; to observe, collaborate and practice in their own time.

SEED Startups

Blue Plate

Blue Plate is a student led platform which intends to solve student issues of unhealthy eating by providing personalized healthy meal plans. We intend to provide recipes using the same ingredients throughout the week, minimize waste and save time! We intend to create a close-knit student community consisting of students who face similar issues!


With the vision to be the top-of-mind Gift Hub for everyone everywhere, GiftBa provides an all in one gift community and turns the gifting burden into a blessing through the use of centralized wish list, AI gift consultant, gift marketplace and donation community.


Groupsub is more-than-an-e-commerce company, which offers an end-to-end subscription solution, which empowers customers to automate their consumption needs, from grocery replenishment to services group-buy.


Gumbolo is the first instant booking platform for professional pet services in Hong Kong, with the mission to bring convenience and ease to pet owners and pet service providers by providing a leap-to-the-eye scheduling, instant booking and health records system – and contributes to the higher accessibility and availability of information across the industry.


Vera is an AI-powered application using NLP, deep learning and big data to provide accurate diagnosis of speech sound disorders. A chatbot will hold conversation with the user to diagnose their speech. Personalized treatment is provided via pronunciation exercises, where the user engages in interactive games, encouraging children to receive treatment regularly.

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