2022 SEED Awardees

Articue is an AI content generator and writing assistant specializing in copywriting in Chinese and Cantonese. We help freelance copywriters, small business owners, and professional content creators produce copywriting and advertisement content faster and better. We offer tools to check the readability of your content and suggest SEO keywords in real-time. We also offer AI content generation, which speeds up the workflow of writing copies.

ArtiSunlight builds artificial landscape lighting solutions for buildings without an open landscape. The two products that we are going to develop are artificial landscape windows and dropped ceilings.

Carbon Technologies aim to develop sustainable technologies and fabricate green materials for various industrial applications. Our team with the integrated platform could bridge companies with the leading edge of green technologies by providing customized solutions and products to meet their rising demands for carbon neutralization and environmental engineering.

ALL-IN-ONE is a series of modules that convert any FDM printer into processing equipment capable of printing composite materials, CNC milling machines with tool magazines, or laser cutters. In addition, It is also equipped with easy-to-use post-processing software and a tutorial App so that anyone can enjoy creating.

Enthusiasm HK aims to be a ‘hobby paradise’ by offering users with both online and face-to-face opportunities to meet like-minded people. We build a platform for hobby lovers to form a strong community with people having the same hobby and to provide a fast-track for new hobby learners to enter the social circle of the hobby.

Gene to Health Plus provides an intelligent phenotypic prediction platform with multiple applications. We transfer cutting-edge advancements in Polygenic Scoring technologies to useful products for different end users, by combining information from large genomic studies to build precise predictive models for hundreds of phenotypes. Our business applies to three major areas: human healthcare (G2H), pet genetics (G2H+Pet) and agricultural breeding (Genomics-for-Breeding, G4B).

Heart and Soul is a social enterprise to promote mental health with meditation and body-mind-spirit knowledge from India Vedic culture in the society and help everyone to cultivate inner happiness and explore their potential through our services.

Manifold Tech is a high-technology 3D photogrammetry and robotics company. With self-developed state of art real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology, we are providing fast and accurate 3D reconstruction products and services for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) companies and ESG projects. 

MEDEASY.HK is an innovative, comprehensive and specific medical services platform providing job posting, job matching, medical educational information,etc.The company was co-founded by medical experts. We know, in medical firm, how difficult employer and employee found each other. MEDEASY.HK is the solution.

Meta Fitness is to make the individualized professional AI-driven training guidance accessible at a lower cost anywhere and anytime. We offer accurate and interactive visualizations for demonstrations and real-time feedback. Together with the metaverse, we can revolutionize the way people train and exercise and raise engagement to unprecedented heights. 

With our project PTApp, what we are proposing is a mobile platform that is specifically developed for the manufacturing sector, by using industrial internet of things technology to collect machine data, we are able to elevate manufacturing management above travel restrictions, allowing managers to remotely access real-time production reports and visualising factory shop floors. With PTApp, clients could adequately address the problems caused by inaccurate, incomplete reports that are delayed; effectively preventing machines from staying idle and creating wastage and thus improving profitability.

Socially Responsible is a mobile and web based application designed to improve engagement with charitable organisations in Hong Kong, the platform will be sustained by providing corporate clients new marketing channels through the on app marketplace and through CSR charity program Marketing solutions.

Theyta.com is creating a community, a tool, and a common language for data to be shared easily. We aim to become GitHub for data sharing, visualizing and analysis. Theyta sees an opportunity in non-data specialists and aims to fill the unmet demand.

Dropcorder is a platform offering continuous monitoring of biomarkers for disease diagnostics for earlier surgical interventions and treatments. Dropcorder is being built as a platform technology based on droplet-based microfluidics that uses tiny amount of body fluids and provide high frequency measurements in an automated way. Our vision is to develop dropcorder as a leading continuous monitoring healthcare platform for drug development, and clinical and environmental monitoring applications.

Elephant Please provides a responsive online platform for its users to enjoy a diverse range of items while saving money, growing with the community and reducing waste. With a vision to alleviate and bring awareness to excessive purchasing, overspending and their effect on climate change, and mission to empower citizens of Hong Kong to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Eltisley believes technology is at its best when it is invisible—because life already has enough distractions. We are developing technology enabled solutions for the health and wellness sector that are completely effortless, starting with a non-invasive device for detecting and monitoring obstructive sleep apnoea.

MetaC is a metaverse solution provider helping mid-large sized organizations to enter the game of metaverse. Current focus is to help clients release NFT projects to engage their community and improve brand awareness.

MetaVisions’ mission is to realize human potentials through VR- and AI- powered wellness and meditation solution. Real results are delivered by combining mind and body mastery with goal management.

SEED Startups 2022

AI Smart Medication System for Chronic Diseases is a cloud-based AI solution to enhance precision medicine, target market is the medical market, especially hospitals and medical government agencies, we solve the dispersion of medical data, achieve a high level of analytical accuracy while preserving the highest standard of data privacy.

Hay Koze is a safety helmet enhanced with a cool “air curtain” that takes heat away and acts as an air mask. It is a smart, all-in-one integration that provides convenient cooling and comfortable viral protection to workers, eliminating clutter and frustration, heat stress, and sweaty-mask suffocation.

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