iIP Incubatees Cohort #4

AirTech IAQ Limited provides intelligent air quality management (including automatic disinfection) solutions and one-stop disinfection services for large events and institutions with customized exclusive solutions to meet customers’ needs.

FundFluent is on a mission to give businesses the ability to unify data and insights to accelerate growth – we make it easy, intuitive, and attractive for data to flow between businesses, ultimately powering SME-friendly solutions, democratizing access to funding, and removing barriers to growth.

GamesBond is a next-gen social platform that connects all people in and out of the metaverse through community / interest-based gaming and social entertainment activities. Our vision is to fuse virtual and real-world communities into one united social network, where people’s friendship can transcend the barriers between the two worlds.

GeogSTEM specializes in developing, organising and conducting Geography-related STEM workshops for elementary and secondary students. We are promoting a paradigm shift of STEM education from computer science-driven to more down-to-the-earth environmental and climate education.

HeyDr is the next-generation digital health app for young white collar’s families in APAC.

Invisible Tech specialized in research and development of acoustics speaker-embedded products for tech-savvy consumers. We customize products in accordance with customers’ preferences corresponding to demands for enjoying home entertainments and living smartly.

Manifold Tech is a high-technology 3D reconstruction and robotics company. With self-developed state of art real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology, Manifold Tech providing fast and accurate 3D reconstruction services for local construction and architecture companies.

Mytea, the world’s first handmade tea vending machine, is about to serve tea lovers 24/7. According to retailer’s cost analysis, rent and wages are weighed heavily. As a result, Mytea is the solution to these two issues. By using Mytea, their revolutionary handmade tea vending machine, owners of beverage vendor can save large amount of rent and wages which leads to more competitive pricing, higher penetration rate, and 24/7 operating hours.

Quanta Diamond Technologies trying to revolutionise the current educational and pedagogical tools used to teach quantum technologies (quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensing) at the undergraduate and secondary school level, to build the future workforce for this emerging multi-billion-dollar industry.

SkyTowner is a centralized platform for high-quality technical resources served with powerful search. The ultimate goal is for SkyTowner to be a gold mine of techical resources such that programmers will perform all their searches directly on the platform.

Xtedn innovation Techlogy Ltd. aspires to Expressly Extend Innovative Technologies of The Advanced Technology
Institute of The University of Hong Kong to the Farthest parts of the Earth for People in Need. The first product they are going to commercialize is a “Disinfection Robots” (Patent Application No. 63/270,246).

Vivacity by Friday Company is a AI-powered prop-tech solution for underutilised communal spaces.

Vispek develops state of the art low cost spectral sensor that can be used in variety of industrial and consumer settings. Providing on the side spectral data analyses full stacked solution.

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