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About us

With our motto “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, HKU Women in Finance aims to promote gender equality in the finance industry by empowering students and equipping them with the skills necessary to unleash their potential in this growing industry; while also emphasising the importance of networking. The society has been created in response to gender inequality which has been persistent in the finance industry. HKU Women in Finance is aimed towards students who are interested in becoming successful professionals in the finance industry while on the global movement to promote greater gender parity. 



  • Career Talks and Networking Events
    We plan to invite female leaders, including HKU alumni, in the industry to share their experiences and guide students through their application process. We aim to raise awareness of opportunities available in different fields of finance and build mutually beneficial connections; thus assisting our members achieve growth in their career trajectory.


  • Discussion Forums
    Our aim is to foster awareness about financial markets and the economy through  discussions taking place within the forum. We seek to prepare our members for deploying rational, reasoned arguments with compelling evidence through the activity.


  • Skill enhancement workshops
    We wish to create a platform that would help our members enhance their technical and soft skills through skill development workshops such as Financial Modelling, Simulation Trading, CV and Cover Letter enhancement among other things. 



Finance Tribune

We plan to initiate our online blog called HKU Finance Tribune to foster critical thinking and research skills amongst our members. Members would be given a platform to write an article on a financial event or analyse a company and their content would be published on our blog after review by distinguished faculty members. 


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