HKU Machine Learning Society

About Us

The HKU Machine Learning Society is a student developer community at The University of Hong Kong. HKU MLS is focused on building a tight-knit community of people interested in Machine Learning and beyond; building projects all the way to deploying them and making applications that make a remarkable positive impact with the community and in the world. Through a series of events and hands-on experience via projects, the HKU MLS aims to make more students learn about Machine Learning at the University. The society hopes to foster collaboration and innovation within HKU and the wider community.


The core value of the society lies in learning through hands-on experience which is why projects are a significant part of the society. Every year, the members will be involved in a number of projects that will help them better understand the uses and limitations of Machine Learning while tackling real life problems. The difficulty level of these projects will range from beginner to advanced allowing people of all backgrounds to join the society and become a part of one of the amazing  projects brewing. One can always propose new project ideas and get support from the society to build and grow their thoughts to reality.


While projects do form the core of the society, they will hold little value without the complementing events that help prop them up. Be it talks from academic and industry experts or weekends where anyone can hack and work on ideas, the society is going to host multiple events to unravel some mysteries of the field. With interactive events like ‘Show and Tell’, members get to share their project progress and also talk about what they learnt in the process. The society aims to host events that are interactive, engaging and hands-on.

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