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About us

The FinTech Society at the University of Hong Kong is a volunteer led, not-for-profit group made up of an executive committee and led by our co-chairs. We work closely with start-ups, industry leaders and experts in the field to provide our members with specialised workshops, competitions, seminars, start-up fairs, networking sessions and much more. We passionately advocate and work toward the better future of FinTech in Hong Kong.



Our Vision

Our society recognizes the unpredictability and dynamicness of the financial industry now and realises the disrupting potential that advancements in FinTech could have on the sector. Thereby, our society is not limited to FinTech, but rather a spectrum from Finance to Technology and everything in between. Our large coverage also allows a broad range of enthusiasts irrespective of degree and educational background to become members and join our society.

Thus, our vision is to; help foster and develop entrepreneurial and technical skill sets in all our members, build a professional network of the interested students and provide them with networking opportunities with industry leaders for future cooperation and collaboration; make our members self-reliant and inspire them to create and innovate and become as passionate as we are about FinTech!



  • Workshops:
    We plan to hold regular workshops throughout the year, attended and taught by industry experts, on topics ranging from social finance to blockchain and data mining, available to all our members, which we intend to foster and instill in them an insatiable curiosity and attractive employability skill set.
  • Competition:
    Our annual FinTech Pitch Competition will allow teams of 2-5 from all over Hong Kong to present their creative ideas intended to innovate and improve financial service by utilizing technology, to judges currently employed in leading FinTech firms. The competition aims to fulfill the gap between market needs and real solutions and will offer participants cash prizes, internship and mentoring opportunities.
  • Start Up Fair:
    This FinTech Start Up Fair aims to create meaningful connections and collaborations between FinTech startups a the pool of talent via education and awareness to help young professionals discover and explore new opportunities in FinTech.


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