HKU AI Society

About Us

The AI Society of the University of Hong Kong is a volunteer-led, non-profit student organisation that aims to promote and pursue the development of AI in Hong Kong and to provide a platform for AI enthusiasts to network. Our society is currently exclusive to students of Applied AI. We offer workshops, career talks and various other activities to our members in the hope of enhancing their capabilities and forming a stronger network. With our vision and the passion in our hearts, we hope to work towards a better future for AI.

Our Vision

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been reshaping our daily lives since its introduction, and has been considered as the most important technological breakthrough of the 20th century. Given the enormous potential of A.I. in various fields, our society’s vision is to:

  • Create a platform for Applied AI students to gather and collaborate for future projects
  • Develop comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to applying AI to different disciplines
  • Help each other with technical problems; and last but not least, think BIG!

Career Talks and Networking Events

We plan to hold regular career talks throughout the year with professionals, including HKU alumni, attending and teaching to share their experiences in the AI industry and the latest AI trends. We aim to provide each year group with a different focus to raise awareness of opportunities for internships, employment or further exploration to help our members grow in their career trajectory.

Opportunity-sharing platform

Our AI Opportunity Sharing Platform allows students to find possible internship opportunities or to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and using on-campus resources to connect with professionals.

Study Group

This AI Study Group aims to create meaningful connections and collaborations between AI students through midterm and final group revision online or offline.

Q&A forum

This forum aims to provide a platform to address students’ problems. Students can ask different questions that will be answered by other students or professors, or they can search for similar questions asked.

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