iDendron has since 2017 incubated or supported nearly 200 startup teams by students, staff, or alumnus.


The next level of customer acquisition – We help consumer goods (FMCG) companies ADVERTISE their products, distribute SAMPLES, and execute market RESEARCH all at the same time.


We aim at bringing values to the supply chain industry and logistics industry by providing accuracy and precision in predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) of container vessel through integrating open source data in our own built model for analytics and machine learning.

Aco Studio Limited

Aco Studio Limited is a social enterprise that envisions a future where children in need can enjoy learning and realise their potential. Our project, Card Adventure is a language learning platform using Augmented Reality (AR) backed by the Big Data Analysis that is designed for children with Special Education Needs (SEN).

AntzKnow Technology Limited

AntzKnow is a crowd wisdom prediction platform that enables individuals to have fun with friends in forecasting future events, generates valuable insights from user inputs, and provides the data and analysis for institutional clients.


Bamboo is the capital network 3.0 for a better connected Asian startup ecosystem. We help investors discover investment opportunities early using crowdsourced intelligence and data-driven insights.

Blue Plate

Blue Plate is a student led platform which intends to solve student issues of unhealthy eating by providing personalized healthy meal plans. We intend to provide recipes using the same ingredients throughout the week, minimize waste and save time! We intend to create a close-knit student community consisting of students who face similar issues!


ChestnutAI provides recommendation-as-a-service. User our platform to build an accurate, interpretable, and tunable recommendation engine to deploy on your platform with a simple API call.


Chicxpeare is an influencer-service company that empowers Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to launch their own merchandise brand. We pledge to provide quality services that enable clients to further pursue their dreams.

Develop of AR e-learning platform to enhance allied health care

A developing AR platform to help medical and allied health learners learning by doing; to observe, collaborate and practice in their own time.


DEX’s secured one-click sign-in solution puts users’ digital identities back in their own hands by providing altered personal data to companies only. Users no longer have to worry about data leakage, cross-platform profiling while enjoying the digital world to the fullest.


Friday is a learning platform aimed to provide classes designed by local artists. Users can browse through online classes and subscribe to learning kits designed and assorted by artists. We bring the local creative community closer to the public by sharing their stories and experiences.


With the vision to be the top-of-mind Gift Hub for everyone everywhere, GiftBa provides an all in one gift community and turns the gifting burden into a blessing through the use of centralized wish list, AI gift consultant, gift marketplace and donation community.


Groupsub is more-than-an-e-commerce company, which offers an end-to-end subscription solution, which empowers customers to automate their consumption needs, from grocery replenishment to services group-buy.


Gumbolo is the first instant booking platform for professional pet services in Hong Kong, with the mission to bring convenience and ease to pet owners and pet service providers by providing a leap-to-the-eye scheduling, instant booking and health records system – and contributes to the higher accessibility and availability of information across the industry.


The Harmless Company specializes in wholesale and retail of sustainable products. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable solution to clients without sacrificing their profitability.

Hong Kong Crypto Consultants

Hong Kong Crypto Consultants is the best-in-class blockchain advisory platform that provides a one-stop solution that includes whitepaper design, technical implementation, and ICO / STO advisory services. Our mission is to help our clients build a platform that delivers a distinct and lasting impact.


InnoDetection Ltd. focuses on developing novel point-of-care tests for the veterinary, livestock, and food industries. Our first product will be designed for detecting ASF virus to help China’s gigantic swine industry. This platform minimizes the spread of infectious diseases by providing a sensitive, economical, and fast DNA-Based Biosensor (DBS) technology.


LegalClarus is the first Chinese legal marketplace in Hong Kong for matching legal needs. It serves to help you find the right lawyer.


Marketeer is Hong Kong’s first data-driven food Visual Recognition mobile app dedicated to helping people learn about their food in real-time, enjoy healthier choices and cheaper prices while shopping in public markets.


The existing social platforms don’t let people interact in the real world and encourage people to represent themselves virtually. We dive below the surface, we help you to initiate the first move by analysing your personality through dialogue and tests from our AI chatbot, after that we find you the creative activities with the right people at the right time. We cut through the noise in order to bring you the true self that shines and inspires shared experience with your tribe in the real world. That’s what makes Mochi different.

Pandora Times

Pandora Times is a democratic news platform that has blockchain archival as well as a content creator patronage system.


PayPhone is a multi-fiat-currency e-wallet which aims to give users full control of their funds & e-receipts using blockchain encrypted transactions and smart contracts.


PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University-based spin-off Biotech Company in pursuit of solutions for the clinical situations associated with G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) mediated hormonal dysregulation. Our aim is to develop a novel treatment for hypertension despite there are several classes of antihypertensive drugs available. Still, about 100 million people are estimated to be non-responsive to all the conventional therapies.

PocTech Studio

PocTech Studio is a game developer which actively promoting the idea of gamifying e-commerce. As an initiative, we allow the gamer to obtain physical discounts in various merchants through the gaming experience.


Potta equips investors with NLP and big data to uncover investment opportunities. Our NLP-driven investment research platform leverages millions of live-streaming data, to empower retail investors to complete investment research, discover hidden links & information and transform ideas into strategies in a click – making smarter, faster, and better decisions.

SNAPP Robotics

We are redefining the way we explore our oceans, all in a SNAPP. We created a fast-swimming biomimetic robot fish that can explore the depths of the oceans, by providing unparalleled underwater mobility. SNAPP can take on any sensors; collecting data and providing insights on the underwater environment, empowering researchers and industries to leverage and create value in their operations. With SNAPP, the underwater world will be our oyster.


Studtors is a high-end tutoring platform targeting international examinations (IGCSE, IB , A-Levels). We revolutionize how tutoring is done through the use of technology and comprehensive academic support. Everyone can have access to quality tutoring at one tap away!


Tale is an A.I. presentation coach for users to practice presentation at any time and anywhere. Presentation skills establish a person’s credibility and impact. Designed to improve the presentation skills of our users, Tale assists users to tackle problems encountered when presenting and provide professional guidance, prepare them to deliver an organized presentation with skills and confidence.


Telos enables property owners to take matters into their own hands, save valuable time, engage in open discussion in a safe environment, and make informed decisions about all future projects.



XTYLE initiates an AI styling matching solution, for Millenials and fashion retails, to improve people’s styling experience, reduce clothing waste, and drive sales for businesses.
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