Soonlution is a Hong Kong-based startup company offering innovative solutions to the traditional aquaculture industry to facilitate the transition from being labour-intensive to be technology-based. From our roots in life science and engineering, we invent cutting-edge technologies to give our customers invaluable enhancements in their day-to-day practices.

Meko Law

Faculty of Science

PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University-based spin-off Biotech Company in pursuit of solutions for the clinical situations associated with G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) mediated hormonal dysregulation. Our aim is to develop a novel treatment for hypertension despite there are several classes of antihypertensive drugs available. Still, about 100 million people are estimated to be non-responsive to all the conventional therapies.

Dr. Kailash Singh (C.E.O)

Faculty of Science

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