Our world’s future needs you, the Dream Builder!

Our world’s future needs you, the Dream Builder!

Recent quality and safety problems over construction projects in Hong Kong are putting public assets and lives in jeopardy. One of the fundamental reasons is ineffective communication between construction parties. Dream Builder (DB) is the tool which focuses on improving construction efficiency and quality by enabling seamless communication and closer monitoring for the future construction industry. 

We sincerely look for you to join our passionate team to build a better world together. Your main responsibility is to develop an innovative app with the potential to disrupt the construction industry. You will enjoy all the perks of working at a start-up team, including full autonomy over implementation strategy and business strategy as well as handle additional roles should you choose.

We will prioritize prospective candidates who meet most of the following requirements:

  1. Android development (Java or Kotlin)

  2. iOS development

  3. 3+ years experience with an OOP language (Python/Java preferred)

  4. Cloud specific patterns & technologies (AWS / Azure server deployment)

  5. Computer vision ML experience (Tensorflow/Pytorch). Photogrammetry experience is a plus.

  6. Database management experience (Relational or noSQL)

Please send your CV to email db.dream.builder.2013@gmail.com ASAP. To further demonstrate your prior experience, you are also recommended to provide code samples in the application. Afterwards, a virtual interview will be arranged shortly. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us now!

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