Let’s make friends!

Let’s make friends!

Hi HKU iDendron Community!

My name is Regina Huang, a first-year PhD student from the faculty of dentistry, and I am planning to start a business after I complete my 3-year PhD study.

Before I begin, I would like to share some little things about me:

I was born in Taiwan and semi-raised in California. After obtaining my BS in chemistry, I worked as a consultant/marketing assistant in a study abroad agency for 6 months and went to Dayton, Ohio to work as a chemist for another year. I came to Hong Kong two years ago for MPhil degree in chemistry and recently graduated (2020). Now, going for PhD degree in dentistry, I was hoping to expand the scope by applying the knowledge I’ve learned into more practical applications (nanomaterials related).
I am looking for potential business partners, possibly in the field of biotechnology/chemistry. Please feel welcomed to hit me up even if you come from a different field! I am fluent in both Mandarin and English and currently learning Spanish and Cantonese. I’m also planning to learn other languages in the near future.
Let’s chat, share ideas, make friends, and dream together!
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