Looking for Ideas and Opportunities

Looking for Ideas and Opportunities

I have over eighteen-year experience of project management, business development, business management, global digital contents Ecommerce, software development, system analysis, IPTV architecture, smart grid, overseas business and technology transfer. I participated in projects for global energy institutions, media companies and government departments including research. I participated in several projects that involve internetworking technology, website engineering, machine-learning integration, cloud, IoT, Data Science, and contents ecommerce. I have successfully developed market-ready energy and media products, and managed several successful projects, including web portal development, AI system and customization on business workflow integration.

 I received his B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering at the Konkuk University(Seoul) and currently, am taking a Master degree of Ecommerce and Internet Computing at the University of Hong Kong. I am gaining experience more deeply in computational intelligence/machine learning, data science, website engineering, Fintech, semantic modeling, ecommerce technologies and so on.

 I have solid real project experiences on development and deployment of system using various technologies like network, HW / SW system, energy system, big data / AI / cloud architecture and contents ecommerce technologies. I am fluent in English and Korean language. Also I have an experience of new business development, problem solving, risk management skills, data science and project management. Also, I can connect the business with human network in Korea, Japan, US and Taiwan.

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