I am Anushka Arya, planning to major in Chemistry along with a double minor in Environmental Science and Science Entrepreneurship. I am very passionate about doing something which will bring about a positive change in our society and environment. This passion drove me to do a research project on making biodegradable plastic from various kinds of edible starches like potato starch, corn starch etc. I am also exploring the field of renewable energy and sustainability. I would love to get a first hand experience in this field. Be it working in laboratories or companies which work towards these goals both in research or actual implementation.

Apart from this, I have also been a part of the program in which I interacted with students from the economically weaker sections of the society and taught them basic computing, mathematics and English. I have participated in various projects which worked towards the betterment of the environment, like researching about the flora and fauna of the river Yamuna in Delhi and then suggesting solutions for preserving the same. I will be eager to be a part of similar groups.

I have also demonstrated leadership and organisational skills on various occasions throughout my school and university life. I was a part of the Students Council for 2 years in my school. I am a part of various student groups like Green ambassadors, GirlUp HKU, the Scifi club in HKU. I am also the head of social media marketing for Change the Code.

My essay on “What Constitutes a Global Education” was among the top six entries for the Global Talent Young India Award 2017, conducted by the Bournemouth University. I also interned with “The Print”, an estabalished online newspaper.
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