Community Healthcare Solution and Platform

Community Healthcare Solution and Platform

acesobee is a HealthTech startup to address the communication gap in community care support, especially the ageing in place elderly, care-giver support, etc.

TeamCare is our solution to empower professional, family care-givers patients / elderly for a better team based caring approach by commoditizing the hospital grade care planning solution for community care used. We are a team with healthcare informatics background for hospital and primary care, social innovation entrepreneurs to run this projects for NGO, elderly day care centres, academics, nursing homes, etc.

Our ambition is to make the personal healthcare information as accessible as personal financial information to make patients easy self management and care-giver professional resources / support.

Along these 3 years, we have received the following encouraging recognitions
• Outstanding Partner of Social Enterprise Award
• Hong Kong ICT Award Best Startup Gold Award (Social Impact)
• Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 Runner Up in Innovation in Preventive Care
• Champion of Social Innovation Challenge 2016

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