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IntuVision is looking for talents to develop an innovative app using BIM and AR with the potential to disrupt the construction industry.

We are hiring!
The global construction industry has consistently suffered from a lack of efficient communication between construction sites and offices, causing over billions USD/year in remedial costs. We as practicing members of this industry are bringing about disruption via VisionBuilder, an app that allows efficient site-to-office communication infused with the
latest productivity tools in BIM, AR and AI.

We are seeking a self-motivated software developer, who would be in charge of BIM, AR and AI development and subsequent productization with a focus on scalability, to join our amazing journey!

Why join us?
You will work full-time with a group of young and energetic entrepreneurs and engineers with a shared vision and become a core member of our start-up. Passion for putting your knowledge to revolutionize the construction industry would be highly valued. On top of the competitive remuneration package, you would be able to grow with the team with the opportunity to join the core team’s business discussions and work with other members on specialized aspects of the application such as BIM, AR and AI. Our supportive culture would help you explore your potential and evolve for years to come.

Technical Expertise
In terms of technical expertise, you shall have BIM, AR and a computer science background with the detailed requirements as follows:


1. BIM knowledge

  • be familiar with IFC, Revit, BIM360, Forge, etc.

2. BIM geometry extraction

  • be able to use Revit API, IFC and/or Forge Model Derivative API to develop BIM point clouds and BIM images

3. Cloud-based BIM data exchange

  • be able to use IFC, BIM 360 and/or Forge Data Exchange API to deploy cloud-based exchange mechanisms among local Revit, cloud platform (e.g. BIM360) and mobile VisionBuilder

4. Model synchronization

  • be able to synchronize data from mobile apps to centralized BIM database (e.g. BIM360)


1. AR knowledge

  • be familiar with Unity AR Foundation, Unreal, MRTK, ARCore, ARKit, etc.

2. AR application development

  • be able to use Unity, ARCore, ARKit, and/or MRTK to develop AR projection functions (e.g., model projection, component visibility setting, information presentation, transformation calculation)

3. Android/IOS mobile sensing data extraction

  • be able to assist the development of indoor positioning systems (e.g., data of accelerometers, gyroscopes, Wi-Fi, bluetooths)

Computer Science

1. CI/CD

  • be able to incorporate CI/CD best practices for an in-house end-to-end information pipeline (Automatic AR Projection)
  • be able to work with other developers to productionize this pipeline
  • be familiar with deployment patterns on AWS such as EMR / Kubernetes etc.
  • be able to create documentation for the AARP Pipeline

2. General software development with Python

  • be able to integrate with APIs from other technology providers
  • be able to develop dashboards (have web development experiences)
  • be familiar with ICP and SLAM

3. Experience with Machine Learning using Pytorch is preferred

Once onboard, you will work with a team of passionate researchers and engineers to create the first version of VisionBuilder, and later work on model optimization and pruning and finally deploy the models on the cloud and in edge devices that will be set up on construction sites. You will also need to work closely with mobile and web developers to integrate the model with existing applications.

About Us
IntuVision is a construction innovation startup founded by a team of passionate problem-solvers with diverse industry experiences, ranging from construction management to computer vision, deep learning and AR, dedicated to improving communication efficiency between construction parties. We are winners of the incubation program (by HKSTP), Tech300 (by CityU), TSSSU (by HKU and Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR), GearUp program (by HKU iDendron) and TechRaiser program (by PwC and HKSTP).

Should you find passion from the above, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Joseph Tsang or Mr. David Yu, the co-founders of IntuVision Limited or connect their official LinkedIn account HERE. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you love children and want to see a multicultural city, CantoGather has a spot for you!

Over 10 classes, you will have an adorable non-Chinese lower primary school buddy to grow together with. Not only will you know how to teach Cantonese, you will also learn lots about multiculturalism in Hong Kong, from both your student and from us! The best part is you will never be alone in all this. We will equip you with what you need to teach: skills and materials included. Our goal at CantoGather is to transform our CommUnity with Cantonese language and multicultural education – an integrated approach for an integrated CommUnity.

Here’s what our CantoGatherer has said before:
“ I understood how my peers viewed our non-Chinese community. It was such an eye-opening and interesting experience! ”

What are you waiting for? Apply now (!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via WhatsApp (+852 5684 1709) or at You can find out more about us on Facebook and Instagram (@cantogather). We look forward to meeting you soon!

Elephant Please: Looking for Full Stack Developer

Elephant Please is recruiting creative talents from junior level to expert level with passion and knowledge to build fast, modern, and responsive mobile and web-based applications backed with AI and data science. The successful candidate will work collaboratively in a highly motivated team, and there are incredible opportunities to learn and grow. The scope of the work includes,

  • Work closely with customer to understand their needs.
  • Design and architect future proof solutions.
  • Develop, test, deploy, monitor and troubleshooting the platform and solutions.
  • Develop tools to facilitate work e.g. automated testing, performance monitoring, resiliency analysis, etc.
  • Research and prototype new ideas.
  • Collaborate across boundaries with peers and business partners in an agile style.
  • Contribute to a culture of innovation and teamwork.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Design and engineer software with the customer/user experience as a key objective
  • Work within a feature team to engineer software, scripts and tools to enable the delivery of products and services
  • Design, develop and deploy applications capable of meeting the anticipated load, performance, availability, security and resilience requirements
  • Design and develop software with a focus on automation of build, testing and deployment process on all environments to minimize variation and ensure predictable high quality code and data
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant controls and standards including relevant Service Management Standard
  • Ensure high data quality exists in Service Management systems of record
  • Provide support in identification and resolution of all incidents associated with the IT service,
  • Ensure service resilience, service sustainability and recovery time objectives are met for all the software solutions delivered
  • Responsible for automating the continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline within a team driving a culture of continuous improvement
  • Keep up-to-date and have expertise on current tools, technologies and areas like cyber security and regulations pertaining to aspects like data privacy, consent, data residency etc. that are applicable
  • Familiar with git and Jenkins and has rich experience in CI/CD. Also be familiar with modern devop infrastructure like docker, Kubernetes etc., and hands on experience in scripting tool e.g. python. Know the automation technology like ansible, salt, puppet.


  • Experience in working in large scale Linux, Windows based environment
  • Solid understanding and experience of working on cloud infrastructure, architecture and technologies such as Azure, AWS, GCP, preferably GCP
  • Experience with server hardening and other security best practices
  • A solid understanding of networking
  • Exposure to the software development lifecycle and agile software practices, from specification, development, Quality Assurance, release
  • Strong work ethic and team player
  • Good communication skills

Click HERE to learn more about Elephant Please

Contact Elephant Please at or for application.

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