[Sept & Oct 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

[Sept & Oct 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

iDendron Startup: WeDerm
– WeDerm is an award-winning social enterprise established in 2020, dedicated to serving moderate to severe eczema patients in Hong Kong.

HKET: 【對抗濕疹】吃飯搔癢死皮飄落被斥污染餸菜 港大生患濕疹9年讀營養學助同路人脫苦海 – https://bit.ly/350pfKd

Apple Daily: 23歲仔用10年治癒9成濕疹 濕疹困擾開社企分享治療方案 – https://bit.ly/3dyLpH2

SCMP: Chronic eczema: how diet changes helped one man control his after years of failed treatments, and how he’s helping others – https://bit.ly/34gxrXu

iDendron Startup: WeVoice+
 – InnoSpire Technology aims at building a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired. A mobile app called WeVoice+ is developed to allow visually impaired users to take pictures and send it to a group of volunteers, where available volunteers can describe the picture back to the user via voice message.

Hong Kong 01: 點餐搭車障礙多 有心人為視障友人開發App 讓他從此「看得見」- https://bit.ly/342M28L

iDendron Startup: Datax
– Datax is an integrated platform providing comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions to business.

信報:廣東話影片添字幕 AI數秒完成 – https://bit.ly/3nVEKf4

iDendron Startup: Freehunter
– Freehunter is the social network for freelancers to explore and get hired. With 20000+ freelancers from various industries, you can hire the perfect freelancer fast and for free.

【疫市營商】抄散自僱伴隨疫情大增 香港90後創首個 Freelance 中介平台 – https://bit.ly/3lSUD3U

iDendron Startup: eCup
– eCup is a digital platform established in Hong Kong with great passion to promote local coffee culture and encourage tasting of specialty coffee.

iDendron Incubation Programme Startup eCup was featured in 有線新聞 i-Cable News and 香港開電視 Hong Kong Open TV!
BusinessFocus: 【初創起跑線】獲110間本土咖啡小店加盟,咖啡外賣app創辦人:要助咖啡「入屋」!|#BF初創起跑線|BusinessFocus

iDendron Startup: Fundergo
– Fundergo is a web-based platform which allows borrowers to obtain multiple loan approvals from non-bank lenders in one application.
Business Innovator: 【BIZ人物專訪】非銀行貸款配對平台 助中小企抗疫增加現金流 

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