Sep – Nov 2021

Sep – Nov 2021

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iDendron Startup: Vera

Vera is an AI-powered mobile application that uses machine learning, big data and AI to provide accurate and immediate diagnosis and fun treatment for children suffering from speech sound disorders wherein patients have difficulties in articulation and phonology.

//Vera團隊研發的應用程式,分為診斷和發音練習兩部分,專為3至8歲患有發音障礙的兒童,透過自然語言處理 (NLP)、深度學習和大數據等創新科技,鼓勵他們持之以恆及有系統地練習發音,達至寓治療於遊戲。應用程式還會自動儲存治療進度,幫助言語治療師作出有效跟進。//

Source: 經濟一週

iDendron Startup: Planto

Planto is an mobile app to give everyone access to simple, actionable financial advice. For example, it helps you set a budget and get a savings plan to make progress to your affordable items.

// Planto現時可支援八家香港強積金供應商,定期更新已經整合同獨立的強積金戶口,分析戶口同投資組合。 Planto還會顯示用戶的供款去向及基金表現,顯示基金價格升跌。//

Source: 香港01

iDendron Startup: BeautyFact

BeautyFact 希望透過增加美容產品成份的透明度,令亞洲美容文化變得更純淨和健康。BeautyFact是一個美容成份檢查及個人化皮膚分析工具,幫助用户維持更安全無害的美容習慣。


Source: HKTDC

iDendron Startup: BeautyFact

BeautyFact aims at changing the Asia beauty industry to be cleaner and healthier by increasing the transparency of beauty products. They are a mobile beauty product ingredients checker and personal skin analyzer to help you maintain a riskless and harmless skincare routine.

// We will integrate the app with a face-detection function to help users identify skin problems together with a journal to record information such as changes in products, mood and so on. We’ll launch the updated mobile app in the first quarter of 2022. //
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