Q: How do you define “Early Stage”?

A: “Early stage” refers to the period just after a company has had its first product, or has completed or is soon to complete its preclinical study or prototype for medical-related innovations. You do not necessarily have registered as a company at the time of application, but will be expected to (and need to, in order to receive the fund) do so as soon as you start the iIP.

Q: Are there specific industries that you are looking for?

A: We welcome HKU early-stage teams from different industries and technologies, both software and hardware. To best fit the needs of our incubatees, our mentors are industry experts, entrepreneurs and senior executives from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and expertise to share with our teams.

Q: What does it mean to have “at least 20% ownership”?

A: We would like to support startups with significant affiliation with the University and with HKU members on the founding teamsWe want to know how many of the company stock you own. A 20% stake means that one owns a 20% of a company as a co-founder of the company. With respect to a corporation, this means holding 20% of the issued and outstanding shares. Assuming that there is one class of shares, holding 20% of the shares means that one is entitled to 20% of any dividends that are paid. We expect the HKU startup founder owns at least 20% ownership of its company.

Q: Does HKU expect to take any equity stake in my company?

A: No. HKU expects no financial return from support and services provided to the teams under iIP.

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