[Nov & Dec 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

[Nov & Dec 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

iDendron Startup: WeVoice+
 – InnoSpire Technology aims at building a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired. A mobile app called WeVoice+ is developed to allow visually impaired users to take pictures and send it to a group of volunteers, where available volunteers can describe the picture back to the user via voice message.

HKET: 【無障礙技術】社企研AI發聲App 助視障人士識別文字物件 – https://bit.ly/3mdUYPd

iDendron Startup: Bride Union
 – Bride Union is a photo-data AI wedding planner with creative AR display.

信報: 撰婚嫁網誌 興趣變生意 – https://bit.ly/3lcqkET

           婚禮服務平台疫市上線突圍 Bride Union攻簡約宴席 攝影化妝一鍵聯絡 – https://bit.ly/36bhX8j

         【疫市start-up】有危有機!初創婚禮統籌平台疫下起動!配合婚嫁行業齊齊轉型 – https://bit.ly/2KMqJB8

EDigest: Bride Union智能化統籌平台 集合香港逾300個婚禮服務供應商 疫境主攻輕婚禮 – https://bit.ly/3oQlyPt


iDendron Startup: Heightened Senses 心視界有限公司
 – Heightened Senses is a social enterprise that provide further education for visually impaired masseuses as well as professional massage services.

EDigest: 第14屆「經一中小企大獎」獲得「年度初創大獎」的心視界有限公司 – https://bit.ly/3qWjOpJ


iDendron Startup: Datax
 – Datax is an integrated platform providing comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions to business.

UNWIRE.HK: 【專訪】 AI 打廣東話字幕問發專訪 盼字幕令廣東話進一步普及 – https://bit.ly/39U74Kl

Check it out: https://subanana.com/

iDendron Startup: Freehunter
– Freehunter is the social network for freelancers to explore and get hired. With 20000+ freelancers from various industries, you can hire the perfect freelancer fast and for free.

信報: 港兼職搜尋網疫市攻星台 (Freehunter鄭康桁) – https://bit.ly/3qzUTYU

iDendron Startup: ReUbird
 – ReUbird provides an online booking and order management system that helps merchants manage their sales and bookings.

信報: 派對房預訂平台拓禮品生意 疫下收入跌半 多元化自救 – https://bit.ly/37j13VG


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