Meet HKU Startup Founders ep 3: Chartipedia – Chart + Wikipedia: From HK to Finland

Meet HKU Startup Founders ep 3: Chartipedia – Chart + Wikipedia: From HK to Finland


With countless data and information everyday, data visualization has emerged as the solution to help us extract the key insights and save our time to read and learn. Data visualization has gained popularity during the COVID-19, but where to search for and share such kind of great content? 

You are invited to join us online to meet Jeff Ko and Sebastian Loke, co-founders of Chartipedia (instagram@chartipedia) and graduates from the Faculty of Business & Economics. Chartipedia ,which is also the iDendon cohort#1 incubatee, is building an open content sharing platform for data visualization, a Wikipedia- & Pinterest-like platform for visual data.

They will share the prospect and challenges of data visualization go-to-place and the experience of joining edutech accelerator XEdu in Europe and subsequently becoming the first Hong Kong startup to get the Finnish startup visa The live online event will be held from 20:00 to 20:40, 2 July (Thur | HKT).

【直播見我!】港大iDendron創業者分享:Chartipedia 數據圖像化.從香港到芬蘭

「Meet HKU Startup Founders」第三集,繼續請來港大創業者Jeff Ko及Sebastian Loke分享,並回答觀眾問題。他們將會介紹數據圖像化的計劃的未來和挑戰分享如何跑出香港並在芬蘭繼續發展,成為第一間香港初創拿到芬蘭初創簽證。節目於香港時間本周四 (7月2日)晚上8時正以英語進行。歡迎留言或寄電郵至 提交問題。


Jeff Ko
Co-founder of Chartipedia
Bachelor of Economics & Finance, 2016

Sebastian Loke
Co-founder of Chartipedia
Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting & Finance), 2016

Host: Laurence Tang, Senior Manager of iDendron

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Facebook: HKU 100/ iDendron
Youtube: HKU iDendron

Twitter: @HKUniversity

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