[May & June 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

[May & June 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

iDendron Startup: Farmacy
 – FIRST “Agri Prop” tech company in China and Asia that builds decentralized smart mobile in store farms in highly urbanized cities. We enable supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and households to farm the highest quality standard, safe, nutrient-rich and affordable crops with pioneer indoor farming technology, full automation and modular capabilities.


iDendron Startup: FinMonster
– Created by a pool of innovators, Finmonster is designed to make business banking simpler than ever before. From opening a cash account to securing financing, banking services is essential to every business.

Apple Daily:【港人自救】皇仁舊生推免費平台 助中小企申請貸款 – https://bit.ly/3bt4NTz

Hong Kong 01:皇仁書院校友初創公司網上系統5分鐘免費助審核百分百貸款資格 – https://bit.ly/3fFk07h

星島日報:〈港初創AI貸款平台 推動網上商業融資〉https://bit.ly/2TDc50X

iDendron Startup: Freehunter
– The social network for freelancers to explore and get hired. With 20000+ freelancers from various industries, you can hire the perfect freelancer fast and for free.

星島日報:〈自由工作者配對 平台成逆市奇葩〉https://bit.ly/3fQxmxw

iDendron Startup: HyperAir
 – HyperAir aims to give travellers the smartest way to prepare and enjoy a trip. We aim to build a travel marketplace that understands travellers’​ preferences and suggests them the most suitable and value-for-money solution so that they can have trip planning & booking done in one go, saving time and effort!

星島日報:〈個人化旅遊變陣 AI搜尋增玩樂體驗〉https://bit.ly/2YyWD8R

iDendron Startup: Hollo
– Hollo aims to develop a comprehensive tool for NGOs, therapists, and youth living with mental illness to advance therapy practices using technology such as Big Data and AI.


iDendron Startup: ECup
– eCup is a digital platform established in Hong Kong with great passion to promote local coffee culture and encourage tasting of specialty coffee.

iDendron Startup: Open Ocean Engineering (Clearbot)
– Clearbot is a swarm of trash collecting robots that use AI-Vision to detect and collect trash from water bodies.

信報:〈海洋機械清道伕掃垃圾救生態 港大生組初創研發 印尼政府賞識重用〉https://bit.ly/31lnQNY

iDendron Startup: LiteX
 – LiteX is a search engine at the forefront of legal technology. Helping legal professionals find key facts at a glance, automated by state-of-the-art AI & NLP. LiteX is a LegalTech NLP startup on data extraction and intelligent analysis founded by a group of legal, business, and computer science entrepreneurs.

iDendron Startup: Soonlution
 – MSH aims at turning the traditional aquaculture industry from labour-intensive to technology-based.

信報:〈疫市創業實踐知識 (LiteX潘姿文 / Soonlution羅浩珈)〉https://bit.ly/31layRA

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