May – Aug 2021

May – Aug 2021

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iDendron Startup: Invisible Tech

Invisible Tech is a tech startup initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates, specializing in R&D, Production and Distribution of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products. We customize products to address the increasing demand for smart living, esports gaming, home entertainment and commercial application for tech-savvy consumers.

//Invisible Tech現時是港大創新及創業中心iDENDRON的創科成員,透過自家研究和製造高端揚聲器嵌入式技術產品,並充當客人的聲樂顧問,自訂融入家具的音響。//

Source: 香港經濟日報

iDendron Startup: OhMyCourse

OhMyCourse is an online marketplace where users can browse a catalog of interest classes and get connected with course creators with one click.


Source: 香港01

iDendron Startup: Datax Limited

Datax is an integrated platform providing comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions to marketing research industry and AI/ML companies.

//初創企業集智坊(Datax Limited)使用熱能探測攝錄機,配以人工智能分析技術,自動識別和監察老鼠在多個鼠患黑點的活動範圍和活躍程度,協助政府部門揀選合適位置,來放置殺鼠劑及捕鼠器,執行更具針對性的滅鼠工作。//


iDendron Startup: ROJU

ROJU is an all-in-one Jump Rope Sport and Fitness App, combining the elements of E-sports, Entertainment and online training.

//ROJU 意思是「Rope Jump」,本身亦是柏鴻所在跳繩隊伍的名字。他希望用 Roju App 打破跳繩只是「小朋友運動」的迷思。加上疫情下大家都多了時間留在家中,他希望透過 ROJU 將跳繩帶入大家的生活,讓它變成一種新的「Fitness concept」。//

Source: 香港經濟日報

iDendron Startup: Gööp

Gööp is a tech-focused social company for GenZ audiences, with its flagship product Gööp operating in Hong Kong and Indonesia campuses.

//Gööp 是一個針對大學生用戶的社交平台,下載應用程式後需認證大學生身份,Gööp 的介面類似於論壇,惟用戶皆為各大院校的學生,用戶在各分區發問、解答問題形成獨特社區。//

iDendron Startup: BeautyFact

BeautyFact is the first beauty safety checking tool focusing in the Asia market and a safety-transparent beauty e-marketplace with AI personal skin analyzer. BeautyFact aims at changing the Asian beauty industry to be cleaner and healthier by increasing the transparency of beauty products.

Source: 明周

//BeautyFact APP 是市場上首個針對亞洲用户的美容成份查閱工具手機應用程式,創辦人 Olivia 受到自身濕疹及敏感肌經歷的啓發而開發這個應用程式,目標為增加美妝品的透明度,令美容文化變得更純淨和健康。//








Source: 信報

Source: Jumpstart
//Olivia Chan, one of the co-founders of BeautyFact, recently launched her business, an app that uses AI skin analyzer and a database to analyze makeup products’ allergic and carcinogenic possibilities. She has her booth set up at the center of the open-space pop-up location. Chan says, “FEW is a great platform to connect with a different business network. As a founder, I can interact with target users face-to-face to understand their comments and concerns in FEW Experience Week.”//



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