Launch Event #2 – From Engineer to Founder

Launch Event #2 – From Engineer to Founder

How can engineer commercialise their own research project? How can engineer transform their research interest into a business? Henry cofounded Hactics, a high performance, low cost, virtual environment for industrial application and training. Miles founded Accosys, AI concierge for the service industry and public sector. Both Henry and Miles are the awardees of TSSSU@HKU which provides funding support to technology start-up companies formed by HKU members.


Date: 3rd Nov
Time: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (Fri)


Dr Henry Lau (Director, Hactics; Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, HKU

Dr Miles Wan (Founder & CEO Accosys Ltd; PhD graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HKU)

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