Launch Event #1 – Startup Story of Humanities Students

Launch Event #1 – Startup Story of Humanities Students

“Startup” and “Entrepreneurship” are more popular in business and engineering streams. Yet, two Arts and Social Sciences young graduates founded their own companies after graduation. Rubio cofounded GLO Travel, a travel firm offer in-depth tours to places like North Korea, Iran, Myanmar etc. Paco cofounded PICK-UP, a fast growing B2C, C2C logistics platform offering the most efficient, dynamic, low cost solutions for merchants with delivery needs. Sign up for the event to learn more about the stories of two young people and iDendron.


Date: 27th Oct, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm (Fri)


Rubio Chan (Founder, GLO Travel; Graduate of Faculty of Arts, HKU)

Paco Chan (Co-founder, PICK–UP; Graduate of Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU)

Register HERE

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