[July 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

[July 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage

iDendron Startup: Open Ocean Engineering (Clearbot)
 – Clearbot is a swarm of trash collecting robots that use AI-Vision to detect and collect trash from water bodies.

明報:AI機械人 自動收集水上垃圾 – https://bit.ly/2ERvNkK

明報:多次比賽贏獎金 暫未擬引入投資者 – https://bit.ly/2XS7tpR

iDendron Startup: Fundergo
 – Fundergo is a web-based platform which allows borrowers to obtain multiple loan approvals from non-bank lenders in one application.

香港經濟日報:【疫市營商】中小企疫市急需資金周轉 非銀行融資配對平台補行業缺口 – https://bit.ly/3fF6Buy

PCM: 按揭平台 Fundergo自動配對財務公司 – https://bit.ly/3kgUfwp

iDendron Startup: MediConCen
 – MediConCen is the first blockchain insurance medical network in the world that instils trust even to the bonesetters so as to mobilise medical experts all over the world to serve the insured population without middlemen.

信報:醫結區塊鏈支援醫保索償 聯手險企診所 目標年內覆蓋50萬人 – https://bit.ly/2Pxml8w

iDendron Startup: ReUbird
 – ReUbird provides an online booking and order management system that helps merchants manage their sales and bookings.

iDendron Startup: InnoSpire Technology
 – InnoSpire Technology aims at building a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired. A mobile app called WeVoice+ is developed to allow visually impaired users to take pictures and send it to a group of volunteers, where available volunteers can describe the picture back to the user via voice message.

信報:社企研發語音App為視障者導航 義工看相助辨識物件 程式可解讀文字 – https://bit.ly/2F0ParN

iDendron Startup: TripWallet
 – TripWallet provides a socially gamificated travel experience to facilitate the discovery of touristic spots and authentic shops according to their location.

信報:港產旅遊平台打卡賺分盼重生 泰國擬放寬出入境限制 – https://bit.ly/3fAu5Bc
             汲過去教訓 先導測反應 – https://bit.ly/3a3S7mJ

Unwire.pro: 本地初創結合遊戲和旅遊零售 豐富互動消費體驗主攻中國市場 – https://bit.ly/31GZLjt

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