Jan – Mar 2022

Jan – Mar 2022

Source: Sick Leave Tomorrow

iDendron Startup: Invisible Tech 

Invisible Tech is a tech startup established in Feb 2021 initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates (under HKSTP & HKU iDendron Incubation Programme), specialized in R&D, production and distribution of product and solution with Hi-End Audio & IoT Functionality. Invisible Tech customizes products to address the Entertainment Technology and fulfill increasing demand for smart living, e-working space, e-Sport, and entertainment for tech-savvy and lifestyle consumers.

//Invisible Tech重新定義了音響並非「離地」產品,想享受「靚聲」亦無須一座座價值十多萬的喇叭,全因為團隊研發將音響一體化藏於傢俬之中,「慳位」做到如其名的Invisible音響。//

Source: 信報 StartUpBeat

iDendron Startup: Gense Technology

Gense Technologies’ portable medical imaging device targets preventive screening and chronic disease monitoring at home, elderly homes, clinics and more. The company aims to decentralize healthcare via affordable and accessible technologies.

//同樣來自香港的Gense Technologies,則研發出用於診斷篩查和慢性疾病管理的便攜式自助醫學成像,創辦人陳柏衡認為如果發明沒有令世界變好,大抵也不會有什麼市場,因此只要有能改變世界的好產品,特別是醫療保健產品,能夠拯救數以萬計的生命,那就不用擔心商品化的過程,自然能創造市場。//

Source: 信報 StartUpBeat

iDendron Startup: Clearbot

Clearbot is a swarm of trash collecting robots that use AI-Vision to detect and collect trash from water bodies. These robots are fully autonomous, solar-powered and work as a team to remove trash. In comparison to any current solution, Clearbot is 15x cheaper, has 5x more reach and removes 2x more trash daily (24x7x365).

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