iDendron Incubation Programme

About iIP

The iDendron Incubation Programme (iIP) is a six-month programme designed to help startups or growth stage businesses gain momentum through deep mentor engagement, professional and outreach support.We aim to create a community connecting high-potential founders of any industrial or technical backgrounds who have a common vision to create an impact to the future world.  

What do we offer?


Each incubatee will be matched with mentor sourced from a range of expertise and experience. Incubatees can access our pool of mentors for advice and guidance.   

Professional services support

Free legal consultations by licensed lawyers and Amazon Web Services credits will be provided.  Special packages offered by iDendron’s partners are also available. 

Public Exposure

Pitch presentation or video shooting on startups may be organized. Incubatee can publicize achievements or success stories via iDendron eNewsletters, website or other marketing channels. 

Six-month iDendron membership

Including startup coaching, network communities, workshops and talks, and access to co-working space, currently located at 2/F Pao Siu Loong Building on main campus. Up to two workstations will be provided for each incubatee (details of our co-working space can be found here).

Fast track or direct admission to Cyberport Incubation Programme*. 

(Subject to any additional admission criteria by Cyberport)


Applicants can apply as individuals or teams. The principal applicant shall be an HKU current student (full-time / part-time), staff, or alumnus. HKU members altogether shall have 30% or more ownership of the business at the application date.

If the team has been registered as a company, it shall have its business incorporation in less than three (3) years by the application date and must not be subjected to any bankruptcy orders or proceedings.  

Projects in any discipline is welcome but shall have a Proof-of-Concept / Minimum Viable Product. 

Selection Process 1

The selection takes place in two stages. iDendron will perform first-stage paper-based assessment to eliminate non-eligible applications or applications poorly meeting the following selection criteria. Shortlisted individuals and teams maybe invited for an interview by vetting committees composed of HKU members as well as non-HKU members including venture capitalists or industrial experts.

Selection Criteria 2

1. Individual or Team Competency (30%)

2. Business Model and Development Potential (30%)

3. Product / Services (30%)

4. Social Impact (10%) 

Programme Timeline (2023 Intake)

26 February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May – Oct 2023

Application Deadline

Selection Interview

Results Announcement

Programme Period

1 iDendron and/or the Vetting Committee(s) reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to define and decide on whether an individual, and/or a team and/or a project fulfills the eligibility requirements. 

2 iDendron and/or the Vetting Committee(s) reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to make changes to the selection criteria and/or the weighting of each selection criterion without further notice. 

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