Gear Up Programme 創業種子基金培育計劃

Gear Up Programme 創業種子基金培育計劃

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香港大學創新及創業中心iDendron是青年發展委員會「青年發展基金」旗下「粵港澳大灣區青年創業資助計劃」的獲資助機構。iDendron推出Gear Up創業種子基金培育計劃,為青年提供創業支援及孵化服務,以及資本資助,協助落實創業夢。

經首輪審批,申請團隊將獲邀參加路演,競逐多個高達60萬元的種子獎金。除種子獎金以外,我們亦提供辦公、會議和活動場所,並定期舉辦各類活動,如分享會、工作坊、輔導診室及飯聚等環節, 同時為入選之創業隊伍提供創業支援及孵化服務。

iDendron is the Grantee of the “Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, funded by The Youth Development Commission. “Gear Up Startup Seed Fund & Incubation Programme” aims to provide entrepreneurial support and incubation services that befit the needs of young people who are about to start their businesses, helping them to turn ideas into reality.

After the first-round screening process, eligible teams will be invited to the final pitch. Winning teams will be awarded up to HK$600K Seed Fund. Besides, Co-working space and entrepreneurial supports, including workshops, clinics, networking dinners, incubation services, will be offered to the awarded teams.

How to apply and what is the procedure?

– Read the Programme Guidelines.
– Complete the Online Application –
***Please get your pitch deck/video, budget plan, other team members form, CR & BR certificate(s) ready for the online application.
>>> Application Deadline: 23:59, 20 July 2021

Required documents for application: 
>>> Budget Plan Template <Click Here>
>>> Other Team Members Form <Click Here>

– Shortlisted Applicants will be invited for interview.

Gear Up創業種子基金培育計劃獲得民政事務局及青年發展委員會的青年發展基金轄下「粵港澳大灣區青年創業資助計劃」資助,是《青創同行We Venture》旗下項目。

Gear Up Programme is a ‘We Venture’ project funded by the Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under the Youth Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission.

申請要求 Basic requirements

年齡介乎18-40歲 Aged between 18 and 40;

持有效香港永久性居民身份證 Holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card;

具備一年內於香港或大灣區城市開業的實際創業構思;或已開業不多於三年的初創業務 Applicants should have concrete business plans/ideas in Hong Kong and/or Mainland GBA cities within one year or have been running their start-ups for not more than three years;

申請人必須沒有破產或涉及破產程序 Applicants must not be subject to any bankruptcy orders or proceedings;

申請項目未曾受惠於第一輪青年發展基金的資助 The proposed entrepreneurship project should not have received funding from the first round of the Entrepreneurship Matching Fund under the Youth Development Fund (YDF);

申請項目不得同時接受其他青年發展基金旗下機構的資助,包括創業配對基金、創業支援及孵化服務 The proposed entrepreneurship project should not be receiving funding (including funding under the Entrepreneurship Matching Fund) and entrepreneurial support and incubation services from other NGOs under YDF’s sponsorship;

創業項目的業務不限(違法、涉及煙草、鼓吹賭博、淫穢等業務除外)While no restrictions are imposed on proposed entrepreneurship projects regarding the businesses they involve, businesses that are unlawful, illegal or involving tobacco, advocacy of gambling, obscenity, etc., will not be supported;

受惠的青年創業團隊應在香港進行商業登記,並在香港及/或大灣區內地城市(例如當地的雙創基地)設立業務 Funded youth start-ups should have business registration in Hong Kong and establish their business in Hong Kong and/or Mainland GBA cities (such as the entrepreneurial bases therein);

倘若初創企業尚未就其業務完成商業登記程序,必須在獲選後按照《商業登記條例》(第310章)完成商業登記程序 Any start-ups yet to complete the business registration process are required to do so subsequently if selected for funding pursuant to the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310);


若申請資助的創業計劃以合資形式或有限公司經營,其所有合伙人或股東亦必須作為共同申請人,並符合以上資格 If the proposed entrepreneurship project seeking funding is operated in the form of a partnership or limited company, all partners or shareholders must be co-applicants and invariably comply with the above requirements.

Admission criteria 

1. Team Competency (30%): Track record, execution ability, relevant strengths, individual qualifications, duty allocation, number of full-time staff etc.

2. Creativity, Innovativeness & Feasibility (30%)Product uniqueness, potential to disrupt the market.

3. Business Model & Market Potential (25%)Business model, value proposition and viability etc.

4. Social Responsibility (15%)Impact to the community.


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