Apply Hult Prize AT HKU – Final Pitch

Apply Hult Prize AT HKU – Final Pitch

Change the world by winning USD$1million seed-stage funding through the 2020 Hult Prize Challenge. The challenge this year is: “Building Startups that have a Positive Impact on our Planet with every Dollar Earned”.


The Hult Prize is a global social entrepreneurship competition with a USD$1 million award for the winner. Every year it challenges university students around the world to put their time, talent, and innovative ideas to solve the most pressing global problems.
The winning team from HKU will skip the traditional selection process to reserve a seat in the regional finals representing HKU. The pitching for regional finals will take place in major global cities such as Shanghai, Boston, London, Dubai, Tunisia, and Cairo in March 2019.
Application deadline: 12 Nov 2019 (Tue)
Final Pitch:
Date: Mid/Late -November  (TBC)
Time: Evening
Venue: iDendron, 1/F Knowles Building
All are welcome!
More details at

For any enquiries, please contact the Hult Prize@HKU organizing committee at via Email or feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook Page 

Hult Prize @HKU Team

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