How does iDendron help in your startup journey?

How does iDendron help in your startup journey?


有改變想法,但不知從何入手?心動不如行動,加入 HKU iDendron 社群認識其他志同道合的新面孔,拼發創新意念!

Are you thinking about exploring beyond your comfort zone and be a successful entrepreneur but don’t know how to make the first move? Come join the HKU iDendron entrepreneurs community and unleash you potential!


█ SEED Programme🚀
What we offer:
– Workstations for teams; hot desks for individuals
– Workshops & networking opportunities
– Meeting Rooms, lockers, event spaces, office facilities etc.
– Access to funding opportunities
– 6-month membership with possible renewal
>>>Apply via <<<


█ Startup Matcher👾
Set up your digital profile in minutes, browse and discover like-minded people, match with candidates, project cofounders, career opportunities and more!
– Express Series:

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