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Founded by a group of students from diverse backgrounds, HKU Machine Learning Society aims to promote machine learning and its applications at HKU by providing an accessible platform to discover, learn and explore the field of machine learning. By offering a series of events including workshops, talks and projects, we hope to encourage collaboration and innovation within HKU and the wider community.


Ground Zero Workshops

Sign up to our workshops that will introduce you to the field of machine learning by covering key theoretical concepts and real-life applications. Using neural networks, you could learn how to identify cats from images or even predict your survival rate on Titanic! Our workshops DO NOT require any previous programming experience and we encourage individuals from all academic backgrounds to join us. Curiosity in this emerging field is the only thing we ask for.



Apply what you’ve learnt to design Deep Learning solutions for academic research and business problems. Work with an entrepreneurial team of like-minded individuals and fully explore an area of your interest. We welcome all members to submit their ideas and proposals, as we gradually roll out new exciting opportunities for you to be a part of.



Join us at our speaker series where we invite industry leaders and leading academics to share their insight on the latest developments in Machine Learning. We hope to use this as a platform for individuals to engage with relevant discussions and connect with one another. We see this as a crucial way of strengthening and growing this unique community.


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