HKU DeepTech100 Awardees

Arrakis Green FinTech is a small elite group who are dedicated to applying textual analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques to systematically generate alternative data sources such as environmental, social, and governance signals in financial markets in Greater China region and analyze them with backing test system to create abnormal returns. We provide our data services to both financial institutions including institutional investors and retailor investors and academic research institutions such as universities. Our core team members are all from top universities and our mission is to create a sustainable world through financial investments.

“Biobased Plastics for A Sustainable Future” aims to facilitate the transition to a circular economy by transforming sustainable bio-based polymers into high-performance yet fully degradable materials. Our products benefit a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical devices, single-use plastic bags, edible films, food containers, coating materials, and adhesives.

BioX is a biotech educator and equipment manufacturer that innovates smart biomedical laboratories, research, and the industry by providing affordable and automated biotech equipment through cutting-edge AI and robotic technologies. With a commitment to affordability and accessibility, BioX strives to make these advancements available to a wider range of individuals and organizations, leading to breakthrough discoveries and advancements in the field.

ComboKid is a HealthTech start-up with the goal of enabling timely and equitable care for child developmental health. Through developing machine learning technology, we provide accessible health screening and customised intervention products for parents and caregivers.

DM GO is developing a digital therapeutics for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) life-cycle management. With the development of home-based blood glucose and pressure monitoring devices, the diabetes management and therapy out-of-hospital is feasible now. Our product is developed using the biggest T2DM cohort data in Asia and the most advanced AI techniques, can achieve the disease condition monitoring, risk profile monitoring, urgent event remind, drug usage recommendation, drug safety evaluation, and lifestyle recommendation. This product can also provide link between patients and doctors, and provide structural evidence for clinician’s decision making. It has potential to achieve much better health condition and reduce health burden of individuals and the society.

EC Innovation Limited aims to solve environmental problems through innovative electrocatalytic technology. Our target applications include removal and conversion of inorganic nitrogen in water, recycling and upgrading of waste plastics, and synergistic upcycling of carbon containing wastes and nitrogen containing toxins into value-added C-N containing commodity. Our mission is to remove waste that is harmful to the environment and utilize cost-effective non-precious metal catalysts to transform waste into reusable goods. Through our environmentally friendly electrocatalysis technology, we will close the artificial nitrogen cycle and reach carbon neutrality.

Over the years, we focus on personalized dressings to reduce pain and injury. That’s why we created Fibrogel: a medical products company focused on personalized wound care. We sell first aid supplies, hydrogel dressings designed on demand to accelerate your wound healing (external wounds, burn wounds, stoma care etc.).

Foundation BioTech (FBT) is a Hong Kong Biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of next-gen biotechnology solutions. FBT focuses on the R&D of Chinese Medicine related Biotechnological Development with patent protections. In the future, FBT will redefine the overall strategic direction of personalized treatment and the Chinese medicine cosmeceuticals industry to fully respond to the unmet market demand.

GeogSTEM is a company to serve the community. We promote the paradigm shift in STEM education from computer science-driven to more down-to-the-earth environmental/climate education, and our business also offer commercialized IoT solutions to tackle with the emerging social environmental challenges.

Hyperturbedd provide a cutting edge AI solution for drug discovery. Our core technologies base on research outcomes of Prof. Xuegong Zhang’s lab from Tsinghua University and A/Prof. Joshua Ho’s lab from The University of Hong Kong.

High-Efficient Genome Editing Technologies” provides the genome edited cell and animal model which are generated in Hong Kong to academic research and clinical therapy. AI-electroporation and ES cell injection technologies are used in the creation of genome edited products. Based on the advantage of the technologies, we not only significantly reduce the delivery time of our genome editing products, but also save the cost of genome editing products. We are looking forwards to providing our contribution in biological relevant fields in Hong Kong.

Kanaya is a cloud-based, data driven & modular hydroponic technology development company. We are the biggest hydroponic salad production unit in Hong Kong. We also provide ESG solution, community project consultant and design & build different size of hydroponic factories.

Kodifly is a start-up that specializes in 3D perception and analytics technology, with an initial focus on the transportation industry. Our cutting-edge technology enables real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicles and infrastructure, delivering valuable insights for transportation companies and government agencies.

Lectcha is a microbial fermentation company that combines traditional wisdom with modern science. Through the fermentation of traditional Chinese herbal medicine(TCM), we transform the inconveniences of TCM into easy-to-use solutions that fit best with the modern lifestyle.

Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. Due to bioactivity of probiotics, combined with biomaterials engineered bioactive bacterial biofilms can be used for 3D tissue scaffolds, implant coating, and wound dressing to endow them with multiple biological functions. We believe that our project “Living Probiotics Biofilm Contact Lenses Coating for Drug-resistant Bacterial Keratitis Therapy” will broaden probiotics are not only to treat with intestinal diseases but also have promising applications in biomedical field, even tissue engineering. Let engineered probiotics as the safeguard of your health.

MicroDiagnostics develops point-of-care diagnostics solutions that make healthcare better and more accessible. Our automated capillary microfluidic-based platform is an enabling technology that allows rapid and portable detection of various high-impact and mortality diseases, such as sepsis, malaria, and COVID-19, which is designed and fabricated using state-of-the-art molecular biology and microfluidic technologies. We envision the device to reach clinics, hospitals, homes, and assisted living healthcare facilities, allowing earlier disease detection, monitoring, and saving precious lives of patients in need.

Newhi Protocol is the the first AI-powered DID engine in the world, focusing on generating social graph by leveraging our patented in-house developed AI algorithm analysing existing on-chain and off-chain data, and new customer gamefi behavior data.

PJA dental is an R&D project with applied research in mind. We provide jaw motion tracking, develop design and manufacture patient-specific 3D printed dental articulator systems.”

A Portable Device for Digital Antibody Neutralization Screening” aims to develop a portable device for digital screening of antibody neutralization using pseudoviruses. It can measure how many viruses are still infectious upon antibody neutralization by counting the fluorescence droplet number. This can thus give a digital estimation for the neutralization effect. We propose to develop a portable machine and apply it to population screening of the antibody neutralization.

Saint Novel is an innovator in early drug discovery, enabled by high-performance omic analysis and protein-protein interaction (PPI) algorithms. With an aim to establish an in-house pipeline of > 5 drugs in the next five years, we strive to make more cures possible.

Virizion is a legendary Grass & Fighting Pokémon. We hope our team could be the “Pokémon” fighting with virus which threaten human life and society. Based on the unique Expanded Potential Stem Cell system, our key technology platform provides promising strategy to produce cell products and drug candidates for anti-viral research, vaccine development and healthy food industry.

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