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Blue Economy Co. Limited aims at deploying next-generation technologies on marine ecosystem restoration and promoting Eco-civilization in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


DDD Material Supply Limited is a one-stop e-commerce shop for the architecture industry to ideate. Our vision is to empower student, designer and crafter to realise their perfect design. We provide architectural model material, laser cut, printing and delivery services. Our team comes from a design background with 10+ years of design experiences.

大笪地物料是供建築設計行業的一站式網上商店。 我們的願景是讓學生、設計師和工匠實現他們完美的設計。 我們提供建築模型材料、鐳射切割、印刷和送貨服務。 我們團隊來自設計背景,擁有 10年以上的設計經驗。

Glide Creato (ESSAA Limited) empowers 6M+ content creators to turn creativities into sustainable professions, starting with an interactive co-creation experience with audience communities.  It uses technology and design to allow viewers to directly vote for content creation, enabling micro-net celebrities to charge viewers a reasonable fee for content creation. In addition, Creato also uses AI to help creators understand the direction of future creative content inspiration and master data, so that they can more effectively understand market needs.

Glide Creato (ESSAA Limited) 使 600 萬以上的內容創作者能夠將創意轉變為可持續的職業,從與觀眾社區的互動共同創作體驗開始。它通過技術和設計,讓觀眾直接為內容創作投票,讓微網紅人可以向觀眾收取合理的內容創作費用。此外,Creato 還利用 AI 幫助創作者了解未來創作內容靈感的方向和掌握數據,從而更有效地了解市場需求。

Green Ashes Technology Limited invents new generation activated carbon production method, we empower green and high-quality production by using recycled materials.


GrinBean Technology Limited is solving the city’s recycling bottlenecks with computer vision-powered recycling machines to encourage recycling and minimize contamination to close the loop and generate clean streams of recyclables from post-business and post-consumer disposals for recovery. GrinBean is formed by a team of engineering and science graduates from the University of Hong Kong that focuses on developing green technologies.

GrinBean的願景是建立推動環境可持續發展的科技,讓綠色生活能成為一個普及的選擇,透過科技讓其融入日常生活當中。 我們的使命是建立一個以乾淨回收為基礎的互惠生態系統。透過研發人工智能等科技的智能回收機,我們期望可解決在社區回收中,未能有效確保乾淨回收及源頭準確分類的長期難題。

Hollo Health Limited is a research-based artifical intelligence offering digital therapeutic service to patients with chronical disease(s). It aims to use behavioural and health data to train the artificial intelliegnce to offer quality, personalised and short-term mental health recovering service to patients for the sake of reducing the frequency of clinic visit so as to cut the medical cost. This product is planned to get approval of FDA and clinical studies via University Research Partners.

Hollo Health Limited 是一家以研究為基礎的人工智能,為慢性病患者提供數字治療服務。旨在利用行為和健康數據訓練人工智能,為患者提供優質、個性化、短期的心理健康康復服務,減少就診頻率,降低醫療成本。該產品計劃通過大學研究合作夥伴獲得 FDA 和臨床研究的批准。

IntuVision Limited is a construction innovation company dedicated to improving the communication efficiency between construction parties. Our product, VisionBuilder, fosters a seamless communication experience between site and office anytime and anywhere. Leveraging AI, VisionBuilder can automatically project Building Information Models onto the site without requiring any manual inputs. This empowers contractors, consultants and project owners with the ability to remotely and effectively collaborate on projects and hence increase construction productivity.

IntuVision Limited 是一家致力於提升工程項目溝通效率的公司。我們首創的 VisionBuilder 是第一個用於施工的遠程協作軟件,協助團隊進行迅速決策並允許辦公室和現場團隊通過共享各自的視覺來實時協作。VisionBuilder 可自動將建築信息模型 (Building Information Modeling) 與現場結構進行匹配,以便與設計進行即時比較,從而提升施工效率。

IsoFoodtrace Limited uses stable isotope analysis to address the problem of food fraud by verifying food labels, tracking food origin, and adding value to products. Stable isotope analysis measures the natural weight variations that exist in atoms of all biological materials, and act as identifying fingerprints. We aim to broaden the application of stable isotope analysis into the food testing and construct an authentic food market to consumers when they can buy food with confidence.

IsoFoodtrace Limited (中文譯名:饎元食品檢測) 使用同位素分析驗證食品標籤的真實性並跟踪食品來源。同位素分析測量所有生物材料的原子之間存在的自然重量變化,並充當識別指紋。這識別指紋可用於識別或確認食物的不同屬性,包括耕作方式、飼料類型和生產地來源。

Open Ocean Engineering Limited was founded in 2019 by two HKU graduates to pioneer technology that can clear up ocean trash autonomously. The company has created Clearbot, a self-driving electric boat that sustainably detects and collects floating ocean trash and has expanded its use cases from collection of trash to use in data collection and foam breakage.

Open Ocean Engineering Limited 由兩名香港大學畢業生於 2019 年創立,旨在開創可以自主清理海洋垃圾的技術。 因此,該公司創建了 Clearbot,這是一種自動駕駛電動船,可持續檢測和收集漂浮的海洋垃圾。該公司還將其用例從垃圾收集擴展到數據收集和泡沫破裂。

ROJU Limited is an all-in-one jump rope fitness app that offers personalised jump rope training programmes by jump rope world chamipions and experienced coaches, specific to its users’ abilities and fitness goals. ROJU App, acting as your pocket coach, provides efficient training programmes that help our users’ get into the sports, enjoy fun and effective workouts anytime, anywhere.

ROJU Limited 是一個集電子競技、娛樂和網上訓練於一身的跳繩運動手機應用程式。我們希望把老少咸宜的跳繩項目改造成新穎的網上運動平台,促進體育贊助、全球運動員參與和將來應用人工智能幫助運動發展。

Seekr Technologies Limited is a compact wearable device aimed at being a companion to the elderly with visually impaired problems. It provides real-time, intuitive services that help them to live their lives independently.

Seekr Technologies Limited 是一款緊湊型可穿戴設備,旨在成為老年人和視障人群的伴侶,提供實時、直觀的服務,幫助他們獨立生活。

Senjoy Asia Limited provides pre-packed texture-modified food solutions for elderly people with chewing or swallowing difficulties in HK and the GBA. The pre-packed meals are developed according to the International Dysphagia Diet Standards Initiative (IDDSI) and also meet Carefood, a localised standard to be launched in Hong Kong.


Vera Technology Company Limited is an innovative start-up that aims to develop technologies to assist the delivery of speech therapy services. Our current project is to develop a mobile application powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data that provides accurate and immediate diagnosis and interactive treatment of speech sound disorders among Cantonese-speaking children in Hong Kong. We strongly believe that every child should have access to speech therapy services and the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Vera Technology Company Limited旨在開發輔助言語治療的軟件設備。我們目前正在研發的手機應用程式將會利用人工智能、機器學習和大數據為香港兒童提供準確和即時的發音障礙診斷,以及互動性強的相應治療。我們深信每位兒童,不論家庭背景,都應該享有得到適當言語治療和健康發展的機會。

WeDerm Limited is a social enterprise dedicated to treating eczema patients through lifestyle medicine. Our integrated care approach is designed to address root causes for a sustainable lifelong recovery based on healthcare research and real world evidence.

WeDerm Limited 的理念是透過整合治療改善濕疹的問題。我們的護理計劃旨在針對患者根本性的健康問題,在有科學根據的情況下,幫助患者達至可持續的康復。

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