Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, one project can be awarded for one programme once. And one project can only be supported by one programme at a time. For instance, if you are currently supported by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF), you would not be awarded for HKSTP Ideation/SEED/HKU DeepTech100 programme until you finish or withdraw from CCMF. iDendron Incubation Programme is an exception, you can apply and be awarded in conjunction with any other ideation or incubation programme. However, the programme benefits will be provided within same programme terms without reservation or extension.

For iDendron Incubation Programme, it is fine. For SEED or HKU DeepTech100, it depends on your roles. Please contact iDendron and we can refer your case to HKSTP Ideation team.

For iDendron Incubation Programme, it’s not mandatory to incorporate as a company throughout the whole programme but it indeed would be challenging to demonstrate the business potential without one. For SEED or HKU DeepTech100, it’s not necessary at the time of application but HKSTP would demand a team successfully admitted to the HKU DeepTech100 to incorporate a company as before the team can secure the first instalment of the funding support.  Please refer to HKSTP’s website for details.

No, please decide among yourself who to be the principal applicant, and he or she will submit the application indicating who else are on the team.

No, one project can be awarded for one programme once. Both SEED and HKU DeepTech100 programmes have same funding source as HKSTP Ideation. Therefore you should choose well which one of the programmes best suits your project.

iDendron welcomes projects incorporating new or advanced technologies in several industrial sectors, including but not limited to biomedical, AI and data sciences, robotics and automation, and advanced materials and engineering. In other words, a project applying existing solutions, purely based on new business models, or without relevant research background / works would not be considered deep tech.

For non-HKU member applicants, the use of HKU IP is required in the projects. It’s not necessary to have a technology licence or transfer agreement signed by HKU TTO at the time of application, instead a letter of intent will be sufficient (a template letter is available via this link. But, a license or transfer agreement will be expected toward the end of the programme.

iDendron would like to support startups with significant affiliation with the University. Besides that the principal applicant has to be a current student, staff, or alumnus, the HKU members (including current students, staff or alumni) altogether should have significant, i.e. 30% or more, ownership of the business – in the case of a company, the HKU members should hold 30% or more of issued and outstanding shares.


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