Application Eligibility

1. Can I apply on my own without any team member?

  • Individual applications are welcome. However, having a team with members from multi-discipline with diverse and relevant background is preferred.


2. Can I apply if some of my team members are not from HKU? Who should be the Principal Applicant?

  • Yes, as long as there is at least ONE HKU member (including yourself) in the team. The Principal Applicant shall be a HKU current full-time, part-time student/ alumnus / staff. 


3. Can I apply with a business registered project?

  • Yes, the company in the submission shall NOT have been registered before 30 Apr 2018. 


4.  I was awarded/ am applying for other seed funds from government, NGO, or public organisations like Cyberport. Can I still apply for the programme?

  • Yes, you may apply if the eligibility is met i.e. the Principal Applicant shall be HKU members, your company (if any) shall NOT have been registered before 30 Apr 2018. Please note that you may not be able to enjoy some benefits to awardees e.g. Admission to HKSTP STEP/ Incubation Programme under the regulations governing the other seed funds you already received/ are applying for.


5.  I applied for SEED Programme in the past, can I still apply?

  • Yes, as long as the stated eligibility is met and the required application is submitted by the application deadline.


6. Do we have to register a company upon application?

  • No, you do not need to have a company upon application. However, for applicants who already established a company, the company shall NOT have been registered before 30 Apr 2018


7. Can I submit more than one application, or participate in more than one team?

  • Each individual is allowed to join more than one team, and each team can submit more than one application. However, the Principal Applicant shall be different in each application.


8. Will my company still get support from iDendron, if my company cannot fulfil the eligibility conditions of the HKSTP STEP/ Incubation Programme? 

  • If your company cannot fulfil certain eligibility subject to HKSTP and therefore not admitted by the HKSTP STEP / Incubation Programme, you can still apply and get the chance to enjoy the benefits of iDendron membership ( FREE access to co-working space on HKU main campus, facilities, events & networking opportunities, startup coaching & trainings), Fast Track to iDendron Incubation Programme & Sponsorship from AWS Educate.

Application & Assessment Procedures 

1. Does EACH team member have to submit applications on their own?

  • ONLY the Principal Applicant has to submit the application form. Please note the Principal Applicant shall be HKU current full-time, part-time student/ alumnus / staff.


2. How will the applications be evaluated?

  • First Screening: application eligibility will be reviewed and ONLY eligible applications will be evaluated based on the submitted pitch deck (no more than 20 slides)/ pitch video (no more than 2 minutes).
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the presentation day for the final screening by the judging panel.


Enquiries: idendron@hku.hk 


APPLY NOW (by 30 Apr 2021)

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