Application Eligibility

1. Can I apply on my own without any team member?

  • Individual applicants are welcome. However, having a team with members from multi-discipline with diverse and relevant background is preferred.


2. Can I apply if some of my team members are not from HKU? Who should be the Principal Applicant?

  • Yes, as long as there is at least ONE HKU member (including yourself) in the team. The Principal Applicant shall be a HKU current full-time, part-time student/ alumnus / staff. 


3. Can I apply as a registered business?

  • Yes, the company in the submission shall NOT have been registered before 4 Jan 2020. 


4.  I was awarded/ am applying for other seed funds from government, NGO, or public organisations like Cyberport. Can I still apply for the programme?

  • Yes, you may apply if the eligibility is met i.e. the Principal Applicant shall be HKU members, your company (if any) shall NOT have been registered before 1 Feb 2020. Please note that you may not be able to enjoy some benefits to awardees e.g. Admission to HKSTP IDEATION/ Incubation Programme under the regulations governing the other seed funds you already received/ are applying for.


5.  I applied for SEED Programme in the past, can I still apply?

  • Yes, as long as the stated eligibility is met and the required application is submitted by the application deadline.


6. Do we have to register a company upon application?

  • No, you do not need to have a company upon application. However, for applicants who already established a company, the company shall NOT have been registered before 4 Jan 2020.


7. Can I submit more than one application, or participate in more than one team?

  • Each individual is allowed to join one team only.

Will my company still get support from iDendron, if my company cannot fulfil the eligibility conditions of the HKSTP IDEATION/ Incubation Programme? 

  • If your company cannot fulfil certain eligibility subject to HKSTP and therefore not admitted by the HKSTP IDEATION / Incubation Programme, you can still apply and get the chance to enjoy the benefits of iDendron membership (FREE access to co-working space on HKU main campus, facilities, events & networking opportunities, startup coaching & trainings), Fast Track to iDendron Incubation Programme & Sponsorship from AWS Academy.


Application & Assessment Procedures 

1. Does EACH team member have to submit applications on their own?

  • ONLY the Principal Applicant has to submit the application form. Please note the Principal Applicant shall be HKU current full-time, part-time student/ alumnus / staff.


2. How will the applications be evaluated?

  • First Screening: application eligibility will be reviewed and ONLY eligible applications will be evaluated based on the submitted pitch deck (no more than 20 slides).
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to the final pitch for the final screening by the judging panel.


Enquiries: idendron@hku.hk 


APPLY NOW (by 31 Jan 2022)
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