Envisioning the Future: Music Therapy and Education

Envisioning the Future: Music Therapy and Education

Feeling exhausted from stress and work? Join our evening experimental workshop and sharing of a music therapy studio in iDendron.

About the speaker:

Kanice Kwan

Kanice’s fondness for music stemmed from taking up the piano at the age of 3 and following this she quickly developed a passion for the violin, viola and organ, whilst also taking classical singing lessons and being a member of various choirs and orchestras both at school and at university.

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Music & German, Kanice pursued further on her music career by completing a M.A. Music Therapy programme at Roehampton University.

Canning Chow

With almost 20-year-experience playing music, Chow has made music his career since 2009, performing professionally, as well as giving Cello, Piano and Music Theory classes.

During the study at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Chow obtained the Cello Recital Diploma Certificate (LTCL) and various qualifications on cello performances.

Online Registration: https://www.daao.hku.hk/eform/view.php?id=128432

If you want to know more about the music therapy studio, you can also check: www.jamjustaboutmusic.com

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