Dec 2021

Dec 2021

Source: SCMP

iDendron Startup: archiREEF

Archireef is a marine technology focused company aiming to restore degraded marine ecosystems and mobilise blue carbon to achieve carbon neutrality. It develops the world’s first artificial reef structure 3D-printed in terracotta. The reef tiles are truly ocean-friendly and integrate biomimicry to enhance coral survivorship and growth. our reef tiles are 4 times more effective in keeping corals alive than conventional restoration methods.

//Scuba-diving enthusiast Vriko Yu, CEO of archiREEF, was inspired to launch her start-up after seeing the devastating impact climate change was having on marine life, making her one of a growing number of women who are working in the I&T field.//

iDendron Startup: Invisible Tech

Invisible Tech is specialised in development of acoustics speaker-embedded products for tech-savvy consumers and customise products in accordance with customers’ preferences corresponding to demands for enjoying home entertainments and living smartly.

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