Data Crowdsourcing and Labeling Support to HKU Researchers and Research Assistants

Data Crowdsourcing and Labeling Support to HKU Researchers and Research Assistants

Do you want to save time and human resources in collecting or labeling data for AI training and market research? Have you ever tried using Amazon Mechanical Turk but found it exhausting to find local contributors and design the workflow for better data quality?


Founded by a group of HKU BBA(IS) and MSc(CS) graduates, Datax is data crowdsourcing platform based in HK. It specialises in helping researchers & AI companies to crowdsource and enrich data with the help from public contributors.


Datax offers:

  1. High quality data with crowd consensus and intuitive labeling interface
  2. A targetable, worldwide and scalable workforce
  3. Fit-for-purpose labeling tools and original data crowdsourcing
  4. Task distribution and labeling SaaS if you have an internal labeling team


Exclusive free trial and supporting service is offered to all HKU staff and researchers. Looking forward to hearing from your data needs and we will propose how we can help to handle the rest. Please visit or contact us at for details.


想節省時間和人力來收集或標記用於 AI 訓練和市場研究的數據?曾經使用過其他數據標籤平台,例如:Amazon Mechnical Turk ,但很難找到本地貢獻者和確保數據準確度?


Datax 是一個由 HKU BBA(IS) 和 MSc(CS) 畢業生所創立的本地數據眾包平台,專門為學術研究人員、AI 公司以眾包方式收集多元化的大眾數據,以進行市場調查及 AI 開發。


Datax 提供:

  1. 以清晰、直感的標籤平台,配合群眾共識為基礎的高準確度數據
  2. 龐大、多元化、可自訂的群眾貢獻者
  3. 適用於不同應用場景的數據標註工具,從群眾收集的原創數據
  4. 全套任務分派與標籤工具的軟件平台服務(適用於擁有自家標籤團隊的企業)


Datax 為所有 HKU 的教職員、研究人員提供獨家的免費試用和支援服務,歡迎您隨時提出您的需求,我們將盡力幫助您處理一切需要的事項。想了解更多詳情,請登入 或透過電郵 與我們聯絡,期待聽到您們的數據需求。

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