Cyberport and AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways Competition 2020 數碼港學院 x AWS Educate雲科技職業證書比賽

Cyberport and AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways Competition 2020 數碼港學院 x AWS Educate雲科技職業證書比賽

Cyberport Academy and AWS Educate formed a joint collaboration to offer a complimentary learning opportunity to secondary students and university students in Hong Kong. Participating students could kick start their Cloud Career Pathways that align curriculum directly to specific careers related to IoT, AI, Big Data, start-up, and gaming.

It is absolutely FREE to participate in the programme and competition. Students will receive hands-on access to AWS technology, training resources, course content and collaboration forums. This is their starting point to kick start their journey of transformation into software developer, data scientist, machine learning and cloud architect..

Now students can enroll in Cloud Career Pathways to learn essential skills in cloud computing. Various AWS Educate badges are waiting for your students to unlock and win in this competition.


數碼港學院與AWS Educate 為全港大學生及中學生合力推出雲科技職業證書比賽,參加者可以免費參加AWS Educate 綫上課程, 學習雲科技相關的知識。如果你係十四歲或以上嘅中學生同大學生,而又有興趣了解呢啲新行業嘅發展以及所需要嘅基本技能5月14日舉辦的綫上介紹會!


Competition Rule

  1. Earn Pathway/Badges as many as you can .
  2. It is compulsory to have 100% completion of the badges.
  3. Top 10 achievers (maximum numbers of badges) in university track will be awarded with AWS branded gifts and a certificate

Please refer below schedule. Students are highly recommended to attend our Competition Info Session in order to grab some competition details in below link.

You may also find the two attached files for competition information.

Competition Schedule

14th May

(15:30 – 16:30)

Competition Info Session

Jan – Sep 2020 Sign up at with your school email
Jan – Sep 2020 Competition and complete Badges / Pathway as many as possible
Oct 2020 Award Ceremony
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