Aug 2020

Aug 2020

iDendron Startup: eCup

eCup is a digital platform established in Hong Kong with great passion to promote local coffee culture and encourage tasting of specialty coffee.

Source: 明報



Source: 晴報

//eCup成立20個月,首批加盟咖啡店之一Espresso Alchemy的店主羅匡成稱,生意大受疫情影響,尤其位於商業區的鰂魚涌分店,以及旺區的尖沙咀店。他指,eCup相對其他外賣平台的單次收費較便宜,會繼續參與。//



Source: hket





Source: eCup


//To keep up with the times, the app has introduced its latest Brew From Home service – a coffee kit which includes tools and coffee beans for brewing coffee at home.//



iDendron Startup: Chartipedia

Chartipedia is a centralised platform that connects data visualisation creators, readers, educators and corporates.

Source: 信報





Source: 信報



Source: 信報

iDendron Startup: Bamboo Network

Bamboo Network is the capital network 3.0 for a better connected Asian startup ecosystem. We help investors discover investment opportunities early using crowdsourced intelligence and data-driven insights.

//由九十後陳伊娜及Aditya Mehta研發的創投配對平台Bamboo Network,讓不同類型的初創展示公司面貌,並運用人工智能演算法,向VC推薦合適的投資機會。//

Source: SCMP

iDendron Startup: Bride Union


Bride Union is a photo-data AI wedding planner with creative AR display.


//Every year, more than 100 million sharks are caught worldwide for fins and other products, with more than 50 per cent traded through Hong Kong. //

Source: hket

Source: Apple Daily

iDendron Startup: InnoSpire Technology


InnoSpire Technology aims at building a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired. A mobile app called WeVoice+ is developed to allow visually impaired users to take pictures and send it to a group of volunteers, where available volunteers can describe the picture back to the user via voice message.


//視障不殘 | 盲人難叫餸食飯 有心人為全盲朋友寫App充當眼睛//

Source: Now

iDendron Startup: Hollo


Hollo aims to develop a comprehensive tool for NGOs, therapists, and youth living with mental illness to advance therapy practices using technology such as Big Data and AI.



Source: 明報

iDendron Startup: Gööp

Gööp aims at building a tighter group by letting everyone share their thoughts comfortably.

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