ARG – AI Reading Group

ARG is a student-led academic group in HKU focusing on research level’s machine learning. Our group covers state of the art techniques from top journals, conference papers etc in the sub-fields such as Reinforcement Learning, GAN, and Meta-learning. Every week, we choose a paper on AI with novel ideas or fundamental concepts. Members come in to discuss ideas, write summary handout, and share their insights of related experiences.

Since its inception in early January 2018, the group has run more than 30 weeks with participation from undergraduates to PhDs and professor. Our group is highly technical, but it is also beginners-friendly. Members are expected to contribute new ideas and bring in new perspectives in the discussion. We guide new members to catch up with the AI knowledge.


Regular Meeting

Tuesday 19:00 – 20:30

Green Room, iDendron, Knowles Building 1/F, HKU (HKU Station Exit A2)

Group background


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