[Apr 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage & News

[Apr 2020] HKU iDendron Startups – Media Coverage & News

iDendron Team: PortfoPlus
PortfoPlus is a software which collects the data of all your insurance policies owned to give you a comprehensive analysis and summary about them.

Company Website: https://www.portfoplus.com/

〈港初創PortfoPlus一站式管理保單 綜合分析需要 AI計算投保潛力〉:

iDendron Team: Goop
Goop is a closed forum only for your community to share honest thoughts. 

Company Website: https://goop.ai/

〈大學生討論區3年滙聚7萬戶 Gööp研開拓印尼 進軍本港中學〉
〈肺疫湧現問功課 公投押後DSE〉

iDendron Team: Hollo
Hollo aims to develop a comprehensive tool for NGOs, therapists, and youth living with mental illness to advance therapy practices using technology such as Big Data and AI.

Company Website: https://www.facebook.com/HolloHongKong


WFH 久困致精神崩潰?偵測情緒狀況 APP 藏商機

iDendron Team: Gense Technologies
Gense Technologies is a bio-tech startup working on a state-of-the-art technology for our hand gesture recognition wearable wristband.

Company Website: https://gense.tech

本地初創利用手勢感應技術 開發病毒檢測應用

iDendron Team: 42 Lab
42Lab envisions to develop future leaders in the field of BioScience by providing students an early and better understanding of Biotechnology during their middle to high school years.

Company Website: http://www.42lab.io/


HKU Startup News


香港01:〈港大教授研新型顯微鏡 助研究帕金遜症等腦部疾病成因〉



信報:〈科技園港大成立iAXON 培育大學深科技初創〉

科技園港大成立iAXON 培育大學深科技初創


晴報:〈配合AI 分析生物特徵數據 港大夥星科企遙距監測新肺炎患者〉


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