To Be an Enabling Partner for Entrepreneurs & Innovators


To Nurture Entrepreneurial and Innovative Spirit on Campus

To Engage & Grow the Entrepreneurship Community to Impact on HKU and Beyond

To Establish Interdisciplinary Cooperation on Entrepreneurial Initiatives

To Support & Incubate HKU Early-Stage Startups

About Us

iDendron, HKU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub, was launched in 2017 with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative spirit on campus, incubating HKU early-stage startups, establishing interdisciplinary cooperation and engaging the community to support human endeavors and society developments.


iDendron originates from the Greek “Dendro”, meaning “tree”. It symbolizes the HKU spirit in advancing innovation from knowledge, growing enterprise from innovation, and developing impact from enterprise. The centre provides a nucleus for knowledge to create impact, and extend multi-dimensionally to support human endeavours and society developments.


This is exemplified by the “tree”, a living system with multi-directional and extensive roots providing shade, shelter and nourishment for other living things to thrive. A dendron is also part of a nerve cell that transmits impulses and a nucleating molecule (dendrimer), thus epitomizing the value of propagation in innovation and entrepreneurship.


iDendron is powered by Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and supported by Development & Alumni Affairs Office (DAAO).  


iDendron is enabled by Azalea (1972) Endowment Fund, with Strategic Partners of Sino Group and Stanley Chu.

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