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Applications for Cohort #3 will open in November 2020.

Stay tuned!


The iDendron Incubation Programme (iIP) is a high-impact six-month programme designed to help early stage startups gain momentum through deep mentor engagement, investor relation building and exposure outreaching. We aim to create a community connecting potential elite founders from a wide spectrum of fields who have a common vision to create an impact to the future world.

During the programme, we expect selected startups to fully commit in fulfilling the milestones on the business and product development, customer traction and market reputation, talents development, fundraising performance, community engagement etc.


What do we offer?

  • Mentorship: Each team will be matched with an industry professional or entrepreneur. All incubatees can also access to our pool of mentors for advice and guidance. 


  • Networking Opportunity: Regular dinner sharing sessions will be organized for iDendron incubatees to meet with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists. 


  • Professional Services Support:  iDendron incubatees will be given a volume discounted rate on professional services that are provided by our partners. 


  • Public Exposure: Demo Day and exhibitions will be organized. Articles and stories on company’s achievements will be featured in HKU newsletters, website and other relevant channels. 


  • Workshops and Talks: We will invite industry experts and entrepreneurs to do sharing in marketing, branding, fundraising and more. All incubatees are welcome to attend the workshops free of charge.


  • Outreach Opportunity: Free tickets for attending local and overseas competitions and exhibitions. Field trips to explore overseas and regional market and get connected with the local contacts of startup ecosystem.


  • Use of iDendron Space: iDendron incubatees will be given up to (5) workspaces at iDendron, according to the no. of team members. You are also allowed to use the meeting rooms and event space for free.



Who can apply?

  • High potential early-stage startups set up by HKU students (full-time / part-time), alumni and professoriate staff
  • Early-stage startups with a Proof-of-Concept/ Minimum Viable Product
  • A company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong less than 3 years as of the date of the application deadline.



Obligations of selected teams

We expect commitment from the founders (which is necessary for every surviving startup) while we are here to help and support.

Participants are expected to:

(i) Define your purpose: what do you want to gain from the programme? Are you ready to accept opposite opinions and negative feedbacks?

(ii) Set your project milestones: what are your targets to achieve after the programme? What are your priorities and resources you need from others?

(iii) Commitment of time: be proactive and invest time in the programme. Seek out advice actively, follow through on introductions and attend meetings or events we are curated for you.

(iv) Submit reviews to iDendron: we strive to maintain a high-impact incubation programme that matches your needs. Your feedback will help us to improve and benefit the future participants from HKU community.



Selection Criteria

All applications will be assessed by the iDendron management team based on


(i) Product/Services

  • Addressing critical need;
  • Disruptive advantage over competition;
  • Available market size.
  • Degree of technology viability.


(ii) Management Team

  • Commitment of key technological driver;
  • Commitment of management team;
  • Marketing & sales expertise or access.
  • Relevant experience and skill sets
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team diversity and completeness.


(iii) Financial Plan

  • Clearly structured and phased developments;
  • Identification of critical weakness at each phase;
  • Financial estimates for each phase realistic.


(iv) Market Positioning

  • Appealing value proposition for targeted customers;
  • Identification of product features;
  • Competitive difference from market leaders;


(v) Business model

  • Feasibility of pricing strategy;
  • Identification of first and second adopter groups;
  • Feasibility of sales channels;
  • Partnership plans;
  • Cash-flow viability.



How to apply?

Please fill in the application form. Only shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview.

*IMPORTANT* Please read the Programme Guideline before you apply.





1. What are the difference between iDendron “Members” & “Incubatees”?

Members of SEED Programme Incubatees of Incubation Programme
– Discounted rate for using iDendron working space ($300 for Hot-Desk Users and $600 for Workstation Users)

– Workshops and networking opportunities

– No subsidy on professional services but can submit request

– Discounted rate for using iDendron working space

– Access to a vast network of mentors, experts and industry partners.

– Priority booking in meeting rooms and event space, mentorship services and all activities organized by iDendron

– Free professional services workshops and discounted rate for services


2. What does the application process look like?

Applicant shall read the application guidelines carefully before submitting application. The iDendron management team will review the application and the principal applicant and/or team members will be selected for the interview if your startup is of high potentials.the application will be assessed by a panel in the interview.


3. If my startup is not selected by the Incubation Programme, can I still apply the seed programme?

The Incubation Programme and Seed programme are two different programmes organized by iDendron. If your startup is not selected for the incubation programme, you are still welcome to apply our seed programme to join our community.


4. Is there anyone I can get in touch with if I still have a question?

Please feel free to email us to if you have any question

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