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12 HKU Teams won awards in HK Regional Final of National Challenge Cup. They will be competing for the National Final in...

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Entrepreneur First (EF), the world’s leading company builder, is launching in Hong Kong! Come and meet the Entrepreneu...

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The new generation grows up with technological advancements all around them, and STEM is a key.  We are excited to offe...

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Welcome to iDendron

What is iDendron?

iDendron is the HKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub, located on 1/F Knowles Building. It serves as a co-working space, event space, and collaborative community for students, alumni, staff and friends. This is the enabling partner for entrepreneurs, innovators and pioneers.

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iDendron Seed Programme Application

iDendron Seed Programme Application

iDendron, located on 1/F Knowles Building, provides a co-working space to incubate and support early-stage startups initiated by HKU students and young alumni. Apply for the membership to enjoy the privilege of using our workstation or hot desk for 6-month.

  • Where is iDendron
  • 1/F, Knowles Building, HKU
  • What do we offer?
  • – Designated workstations for teams
    – Hot desks for individuals
    – Workshops and networking opportunities
    – Meeting Rooms, event space, lockers and more.
  • Who can apply?
  • – The principal applicant has to be HKU current full-time, part-time student or graduate who is aged 35 or below by 31st December 2017
    – The company in the application (if any) shall NOT have been registered more than 3 years by 31st December 2017
  • Admission criteria
    1. Maturity of project
    2. Quality of project
    3. Commitment and Strength of team
    4. Contribution to iDendron

  • How to apply and procedure?
  • – We accept applications year-round. Applicants will be invited for an interview, if necessary.
    – Apply at
    – Membership is for 6 MONTHS and with possible renewal.
  • How much do we need to pay?
  • $500 as a deposit and $300 as a general expense. $800 in total at the time moving in iDendron and $500 will be refunded by the termination of membership.


  • Application

    For HKU students and alumni (under age of 35)

  • Invited for an interview

    Assessment Criteria

  • Membership Starts

    6 months membership for successful application

  • Membership Renewal

    Interview will be required for membership renewal after 6 months